#53: Live Limitlessly with Lisa Jones

34m | Jan 5, 2024

Join Dr. Jasmine and Lisa Jones, founder of LTJ Enterprises, a lifestyle boutique, for a little girl chat about living limitlessly after divorce and early retirement. Lisa has joined all her best skills and talents to step into the calling and purpose that she feels from within. Lisa is the true definition of living a fearless life while living boldly for Christ. Get into this conversation about betting on yourself and living an abundant life. 

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Lisa Jones is a seasoned planner with over 20 years of experience in engagement, research, ministry, and management. She is the owner of LTJ Enterprises, where she is a certified speaker, coach, and trainer. Her platform has provided influence in the federal government, ministries, youth organizations and non-profit organizations. Lisa is equipped and eager to help you reach your full potential and purpose in life.

Episode Quotes: 

  • “You have a hope and future in Christ.” 
  • “I was dying on the inside in my marriage.” 
  • “I lost myself in my marriage and focused too much on the outward things.” 
  • “I asked God if I could leave my marriage, and He said, ‘Yes.’”
  • “Go with what God said.” 
  • “God will send you what you need.” 
  • “Girl Go Global means betting on yourself, as you see yourself the way God sees you.”


Dr. Jasmine is a multi-talented author, educator, award-winning community leader, and founder of JLM Global Consulting, LLC and Girl Go Global, a community for purpose-driven women. For 20+ years, Dr. Jasmine has used her unique skills as an educator, professional writer, and communications strategist to build a career that allows her to serve small business owners, in academia, and at all levels of government. Whether she is mentoring women and girls, engaging students during university lectures, speaking as keynote, or serving at all levels of government, she is driven by providing support to others to meet needs, equip, and train. In addition to making the Daily Record’s Successful by 40 Very Important Professionals list, she is a President’s Management Council Fellow, entrepreneur, and writer with interests in topics that concern women.

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