#55: Virtuous Business Boss with Courtney McCullough Robbs

34m | Jan 19, 2024

Courtney McCullough Robbs, owner of Virtuous Boss, recently stepped out on faith and jumped into full-time entrepreneurship. Join Dr. Jasmine and Courtney for a conversation about finding freedom through her business. This business talk will encourage you and offer strategies for your future success. 

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Episode Quotes: 

  • “Find someone who is already doing what you want to do, and get a mentor.” 
  • “As a business owner, you must know your numbers.” 
  • “I don’t take my assignment lightly.” 
  • “When I don’t have my quiet time with God, I lose my focus. I need my quiet time with God.”

Courtney McCullough Robbs is the owner of Virtuous Boss, a platform where marginalized groups can learn entrepreneurial principles to achieve financial freedom. She focuses on empowering women and youth, guiding them to become self-sufficient, well-rounded individuals, balanced in all aspects of their lives. Courtney has an unshakeable faith and believes that implementing biblical wisdom in all aspects of life especially business is the foundation of true success.


Dr. Jasmine is a multi-talented author, educator, award-winning community leader, and founder of JLM Global Consulting, LLC and Girl Go Global, a community for purpose-driven women. For 20+ years, Dr. Jasmine has used her unique skills as an educator, professional writer, and communications strategist to build a career that allows her to serve small business owners, in academia, and at all levels of government. Whether she is mentoring women and girls, engaging students during university lectures, speaking as keynote, or serving at all levels of government, she is driven by providing support to others to meet needs, equip, and train. In addition to making the Daily Record’s Successful by 40 Very Important Professionals list, she is a President’s Management Council Fellow, entrepreneur, and writer with interests in topics that concern women.

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