#52: Do You Want A Man or Not? with Tiffany Reneé

58m | Dec 15, 2023

Sometimes, we can get in our own way. Join Dr. Jasmine and Tiffany Reneé for a little relationship talk, as they respond to the question, “Do you want a man or not?” This girl chat is goooood!!!!

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Episode Quotes: 

  • “I want a steady peaceful love.” 
  • “Dating is not a team sport.” 
  • “Healing is perpetual. It’s continuous.” 
  • “Part of healing means you’re ready to do it.” 
  • “Let’s give attention to our green flags more than red flags.” 


Dr. Jasmine is a multi-talented author, educator, award-winning community leader, and founder of JLM Global Consulting, LLC and Girl Go Global, a community for purpose-driven women. For 20+ years, Dr. Jasmine has used her unique skills as an educator, professional writer, and communications strategist to build a career that allows her to serve small business owners, in academia, and at all levels of government. Whether she is mentoring women and girls, engaging students during university lectures, speaking as keynote, or serving at all levels of government, she is driven by providing support to others to meet needs, equip, and train. In addition to making the Daily Record’s Successful by 40 Very Important Professionals list, she is a President’s Management Council Fellow, entrepreneur, and writer with interests in topics that concern women.

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