136. The City Confessions One ft. Mariann Yip

Episode 136
1h 18m | Sep 25, 2023

Have you wondered what the transition is like from single and dating to being in a relationship? Author and lifestyle blogger Mariann Yip is telling Ali & Erica all about how she went from publishing a book about her NYC dating life to starting a family…all within a year! We chat about first dates, feeling lonely in parenthood, and letting go of what you thought your timeline would be.

In Updates, we’ve got two new nicknames in play! Erica gets approached by The Drummer in the wild…but does he ask her on a date? Ali goes out with The Stout and contemplates her next move after the date.

Where to find Mariann: On Instagram @mariann_yip, on TikTok @mariann_yip, at

Timestamps: Mariann joins us at around minute 39.

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