170. The Second Therapy Jeff One ft. Jeff Guenther

Episode 170
1h 27m | May 20, 2024

Back by popular demand, Therapy Jeff (aka Jeff Guenther, LPC) is on the pod answering your burning questions. We dive into topics such as: what does it mean if I attract emotionally available people? How to approach pre-marital counseling? What does it mean to “settle” and how do I know if I am? As always, Jeff’s advice is on point with some laughs along the way.

But first, Erica’s car repair flirtation continues (on the phone!!) and Ali has an excellent third date with Skyline before he leaves town.

Where to find Jeff: On Instagram @therapyjeff, on TikTok @therapyjeff and on his website Looking for the therapist-finding resource Jeff mentions? Check out

Timestamps: Jeff joins us at around minute 42.

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