The Sinopore Collective | 新青烩

An original podcast series created by members of SingChamYouth. Explores East-West cultural exchange from the eyes of young Asians.


SS.5 Sustainability Series | Education: How did I become a Laotu? - A journey towards Environmentalism, Rural Development and more
Show Details45min 23s
SS.4 Sustainability Series | Building: Green Buildings For the Future
Show Details49min
SS.3 Sustainability Series | Food: My Career as a Green Foodie
Show Details49min 48s
SS.2 Sustainability Series | Renewable Energy: Essential Step Towards Carbon Neutrality
Show Details24min 22s
SS.1 Sustainability Series | Fashion - Sustainability is the New Sexy
Show Details24min 56s
EP.6 Reality Collective | How I survived China's finance world - cultural intelligence, openness and lots of white wine
Show Details21min 43s
EP.5 Cultural Collective | 留学 Myth buster: 我在中国上大学
Show Details27min 39s
EP.4 Professional Collective | Building the Alibaba of Southeast Asia, A Interview With Chen Chow Yeoh
Show Details28min 53s
EP.3 Knowledge Collective | Anatomy of China’s innovation ecosystem: the STAR Market and IP exchange
Show Details22min 32s
EP.2 Reality Collective | Shanghai From 1995-2021, Through the Eyes of A Singaporean
Show Details37min 46s
EP.1 Professional Collective | 条条弯路通罗马,学长在互联网大厂的打怪升级之路
Show Details33min 37s