32: Stefani Smith: "Dear God, I'm Not Going Anywhere"

1h 14m | Mar 23, 2023

Stefani Smith is a full-time engineer and first-time author. She is smart, driven, and has a huge heart for people. She believes the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest message ever told and desires for all to know its saving truth. Stefani loves to serve the body of Christ through her local church and has served in several leadership roles for children's, women's, and missions/outreach ministries. She has a passion for studying and teaching God's Word, which is both a gift she prizes and a responsibility she takes seriously. Stefani has been joyfully married to her husband Allen since 2015. She is "Stefmom" to Brentley and biological mom to Silas; both have taught her that being a mother of sons is the absolute best. Stefani enjoys reading, cooking, and dreaming big with her family. 

Dear sister, how is your heart with God? Is it good? Can you confidently say you have positioned your heart for this covenant love and life? Embracing all that comes with it? As you listen, here are some nuggets for you:

  • It is always a good practice to become aware of the sins that others chose which impacted you
  • Nurturing your spiritual life is as important as all the other parts of you
  • Lean in to the questions you have about God
  • Your instincts are natural, your insights are spiritual
  • When you have questions, open your heart and mind and open His Word too
  • Get on the path of Truth to discover God for yourself, pursue His love with the questions you have
  • God’s Word is oxygen for your spirit
  • Even when you can’t hold your end of the bargain, God’s got you. 
  • The end of one season is not the end of you!
  • Believe that God has a rescue plan for you

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