S5 EP81: Waiting On and For the Lord - Fruit of Patience

Season 5 | Episode 81
1h 7m | Jun 12, 2024

Here are three thoughts from this episode:

  1. Patience is a virtue, and most importantly, it is a characteristic of the Fruit of the Spirit. You have the Spirit of God in you; therefore, you are a new creation, your old ways have passed away. You have every spiritual capacity to develop a heart of patience. 
  2. Developing or cultivating a heart of patience requires time. Become more cognizant of your behaviors and habits as well as your surroundings. Self-reflection is great practice to engage in often. You can do this through journaling and audio essays where you verbally record your day and the Fruit of the Spirit you felt challenged by. 
  3. Bearing the fruit of patience is a daily practice of allowing the Lord to lead and guide you. Remember, if you disregard the Lord’s guidance, you are disobeying Him and that in itself is a sin. His command is that you wait on Him and wait for Him. Do just that in prayer and with joy and watch what happens in time. 

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