S4 EP68: Unleash the Power of Agreement - HT Series Part 9

Season 4 | Episode 68
1h 2m | Dec 7, 2023

The kingdom of God can often be seen as an upside down Kingdom. We see in Hebrews that agreement with God leads to understanding, not understanding God leads to agreement.

Because of their faith -

- Abel was commended as righteous. Agreement establishes our righteousness with God. You are in alignment. You are in obedience and poised to put that faith into action.

- Enoch gained eternal life for agreeing with God. You have peace about your life and where you are going. You simply believe, you accept God as He is from His Word.

- Noah moved in fear toward God’s will not away from God. He gained righteousness and power. You may be afraid or in fear of your healing journey, your transition, your life change, your heart transformation. Move anyway, move in fear toward God.

Listenand learn the complete list of these faithful leaders of God.

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