• 32: Stefani Smith: "Dear God, I'm Not Going Anywhere"

    Stefani Smith is a full-time engineer and first-time author. She is smart, driven, and has a huge heart for people. She believes the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest message ever told and desires for all to know its saving truth. Stefani loves to serve the body of Christ through her local church and has served in several leadership roles for children's, women's, and missions/outreach ministries. She has a passion for studying and teaching God's Word, which is both a gift she prizes and a responsibility she takes seriously. Stefani has been joyfully married to her husband Allen since 2015. She is "Stefmom" to Brentley and biological mom to Silas; both have taught her that being a mother of sons is the absolute best. Stefani enjoys reading, cooking, and dreaming big with her family. 

    Dear sister, how is your heart with God? Is it good? Can you confidently say you have positioned your heart for this covenant love and life? Embracing all that comes with it? As you listen, here are some nuggets for you:

    • It is always a good practice to become aware of the sins that others chose which impacted you
    • Nurturing your spiritual life is as important as all the other parts of you
    • Lean in to the questions you have about God
    • Your instincts are natural, your insights are spiritual
    • When you have questions, open your heart and mind and open His Word too
    • Get on the path of Truth to discover God for yourself, pursue His love with the questions you have
    • God’s Word is oxygen for your spirit
    • Even when you can’t hold your end of the bargain, God’s got you. 
    • The end of one season is not the end of you!
    • Believe that God has a rescue plan for you

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    1h 14m | Mar 23, 2023
  • 31: Never Ever Waste Your Pain with Maxine M. Totoe

    Today, Maxine shares her journey as a mother of three, a wife, a career woman, a child of God, a daughter, sister, and friend who has endured life struggles from miscarriage to raising a child with special needs. She gets your heart hoping again if you’ve ever been in a situation where the image you once held as an ‘ideal’ no longer presents itself as that ‘ideal’ in your life. She also advocates for special needs families and encourages all of us to support Kyle by visiting 22q.org to learn more about the foundation. You can follow her on instagram at missmaxy and also on LinkedIn. 

    Dear sister, I want you to lean in because Maxine’s story will have you examining your heart and asking this question “am I good with God?” because when the storms roll, you need an anchor! As you listen, here are a few takeaways:

    • At a certain point in your walk through this life, you’ve got to OWN your faith
    • Understanding and pursuing God requires you to encounter Him for yourself
    •  There comes a time when you must realize you aren’t a victim of your circumstances
    • If it is on your heart, best believe it is on God’s heart too
    • Remember faith, hope, and love and live your life in all seasons
    • God can be that missing link for you whenever you feel alone in your journey
    • Doing the inner work makes your heart good with God

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    1h 16m | Mar 16, 2023
  • 30: The Best Gift You Will Ever Receive

    So what is time? Time is the limited period within which an action or process takes place. Life exists in time. Reading James 4:14 puts life and time in a sober perspective that we are not to boast about “tomorrow” because “what is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes”. Anytime the loss of someone hits us, we are reminded of this truth. Question then is, 86,400 seconds in a given day, what story is being written about you, who is writing that story and who will read this story, and when they read it, what impact will your story have on them?

    Three Thoughts

    1. Life is time and time is life. There are three Truths about time which we are blessed to learn about: the gift of time, the reality of time, and the returns or gains received with and in time. Notice they build on each other - first you are given the gift of time, you become aware of the essence of the gift you’ve been given and you maximize your investment in the right way to receive the right returns.

    2. Live to make an impact with your legacy. Impression is great and most of the time that's how we meet people. They meet us, they like our interaction or how you made them feel, eventually they buy into your agenda. You show people your heart and they will respond, if the response is not kind, don’t let that change your heart. Heal and keep being you. Remember, your legacy is not separate from you. Your legacy is YOU.

    3. An emphasis on maximizing your time: know your priorities and always have a clear view of what they are, and how they align to your purpose. Life happens and we may get stuck, stalled, or stopped for a while. Get back on the drawing board, seek the heart and face of Jesus to know your next step and move forward. Remember, your life lived well in time builds an indestructible legacy.

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    38m | Mar 9, 2023
  • 29: Am I The Only One Tired Out Here?

    When exhaustion wins, dear sister, you can get your life back! Truly your soul finds rest in God [Psalm 62:1] Remember how Jesus did it and being born in His image, begin the baby steps of recovering from fatigue, tiredness, hurry, exhaustion. Your soul finds rest in God through His Word. 

    Three Thoughts

    • 1. Eliminating hurry, or breaking free from exhaustion is more than behavior modification and coping mechanisms. It requires you to be honest with yourself and acknowledge your willingness to change from what you may be striving for. I won’t say that all striving is bad. Our natural instinct is to strive, that is to try to achieve a result… you try earnestly and persistently. Sometimes you strive to get good grades, you strive to get yourself or your family the best health care, you strive to break the glass ceiling… And this is what I love about the Holy Spirit. At some point, He whispers, enough striving, now let's look at the goal again and this time, I want you to persist steadfastly, that is persevere. See it as a journey, a task or a goal and work at it diligently and with careful thought to how you get it done. So no, all striving is not bad. We are naturally wired to try to do something.  

    • 2. Oftentimes to be spiritually filled, we must address physical and mental symptoms or problems first. Going to God for wisdom will be a wise start to know your next steps. If your symptoms are overwhelming you, please seek immediate attention. I love it when we pray and wait, but then we don’t give God enough time to talk back. Prayer, a conversation. A conversation requires feedback. Are you waiting for God’s feedback? He definitely will say something to you. In Proverbs 1, wisdom is found where rebuke is embraced. When we pray and the response is conviction, lean in. Right there is wisdom knocking at the doors of your heart. 

    • 3. Most disciples are not discipling these days, we are simply deciphering what we “feel” and what we want to do. To disciple is to obediently do even when we feel it is uncomfortable, it doesn’t make sense, or it is not the norm in the culture around you. In our newsletter this month, I share with our readers heart healing habits that can be practiced to help your heart heal from ‘racing through life’. Hint: go to iamfreewoman.org to sign-up so you receive these intimate Heart Healing Habits quality time newsletters from me.    

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    29m | Mar 2, 2023
  • 28: Lori Ann Wood: 3 Key Questions to Ask When Life Detours

    Today, I have Lori Ann Wood with me to discuss her life altering yet thriving journey when she was diagnosed with heart failure. Imagine functioning on just 6% heart capacity? Lori Ann Wood lives in an empty nest in beautiful Bentonville, Arkansas, with her husband, the love of her life whom she found in 9th grade. Having discovered a serious heart condition almost too late, Lori Ann writes to encourage others to explore their difficult faith questions along the detours of life. You can read more from her at loriannwood.com. Lori’s newly released book [released on February 21st] is available now for order on Amazon and trending as number one new release in Christian and spiritual growth! Congratulations Lori!

    Dear sister, I want you to lean in because Lori’s story will have you feeling her breaths as she walks you through three important questions you need to ask when you find yourself on an unexpected life detour. As you listen, here are a few takeaways:

    • Whatever plan you have in life, remember that plan can be disrupted at any moment. 
    • Learn a whole lot as you walk the new path and keep asking questions.
    • Pay attention to the unusual physical symptoms and warning signs, they hold the clues to an impending detour.
    • Checking the box with God can make you experience a faith crisis. Heads up, go beyond the check mark and actually sit with Him. 
    • If you wait to be grateful, you will still be waiting. Gratitude and grief can co-exists within you. 
    • The three questions you need to ask on your detour offer a chance for you to build your faith, acknowledge your doubts, and embrace the fact that you are not in control, and that's OK. 
    • Giving yourself grace is the pace you need. Pacing yourself is the grace you need. 

    We had a great conversation which I know you will enjoy too. 

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    55m | Feb 23, 2023
  • 27: Amanda and Julio Prepare for the Storms of Life

    Amanda and Julio have been married seven years and in those seven years faced one of the most trying marital challenges any couple could endure… walking a fertility journey. A journey filled with preparation, active faith, unwavering hope, patience and so much more! I know their story will inspire you. As you listen, here are a few takeaways:

    • Love is patient and in praying for patience, pray for grace
    • Every family has a story, every couple has a story and sometimes that story has a story writer. Know who your story writer is and trust the process.
    • Observe and know the generational dysfunctions and curses in your families. This will inform how you begin to heal and break such curses from manifesting as intergenerational patterns.
    • Love and respect is a mutual bond that fuels healthy relationships; know your relational boundaries, understand each other’s lived experiences and remember, you cannot change your partner’s personality.
    • When it comes to challenges in life, you can see them as preparation, perspiration, and persecution; so lean into the story writer who can lead you on a different path.
    • Your preparation in the waiting period can be a healthy combination of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational factors such as faith, hope, peace, patience, love, realistic thinking, and growth mindset.

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    51m | Feb 16, 2023
  • 26: Important Keys to Adulting 101 with Kate and Friends!

    Having the mindset to live out your tasks in a way that sparks interest, ignites excitement and although required to live, you feel fully alive when you get them done! Now that is the adulting we all desire and deserve to have. Join Kate and friends and glean from their wisdom on adulting well, a laid back live conversations that speaks to the everyday woman. Enjoy!

    Three Thoughts

    1. Adulting is more of a mindset than an age to focus on, however, depending on the culture and familial influences, you may take on the mindset of adulting quicker in life than your biological age of development. The key here is being taught life values, principles that you can employ throughout your life. The value of being ‘responsible’ is a core factor in adulting. Responsible for both the mundane as well as the exciting parts of life. 

    2. Master your life! Embrace life challenges and set your mindset to win! Embracing challenges helps you become a better version of yourself. Resisting the challenges only exacerbates your suffering and disappointments. Learn to process and regulate your emotions. Remember adulting comes in stages so don’t try to figure everything out now. Learn to be flexible with yourself!

    3. You do have freedom as an adult. This freedom can be lived in well but you will need to unlearn/unfreeze some things you may pick up along the way, be mindful in the growing pains and processing of unlearning, and be hopeful as you discover new things about yourself and life. Be patient with yourself and others and take the scenic route as you ‘adult!’

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    Thank you for listening!

    51m | Feb 9, 2023
  • 25: Sixteen Ways to Give & Receive More Love

    February is the month of love! The best healing medicine there is - love.

    "Love shouldn’t hurt. But then it does… sometimes. That is the human in all of us. Like the loss of a loved one, or the disrespect of a child, or the disappointment from a friend, or the rejection from a partner. That hurt is a signal that you are human. When love hurts, there is a place where love can also heal." Here are 16 ways to do just that!

    Three Thoughts

    1. Life is ever moving and so are the relationships around us. When you put in the effort, the love you give to others can only grow… when it is watered. The essence of what love is rests in your decision to choose love and open your heart to its miraculous possibilities. Receiving love spiritually allows you to give it effortlessly relationally [mentally + physically + emotionally…] 

    2. When you want to know what love is, try God’s way first. Start with simply the first statement/way “love is patient”. In what ways do you see and experience patience everyday? Take that kindness and share it with someone else. Let good love multiply in your heart and through you. 

    3. Embrace the possibility of being loved and loving God. This kind of love is not child’s play because as a grown woman, all childish love has been put away. This is not time for hide and seek, this is the time to seek until you find. But it is not passive seeking, it is actively seeking with your whole heart! That's when you will find this love.    

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    Inconvenienced by Love: Season 1 Episode 9

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    33m | Feb 2, 2023
  • 24: Yvette Ireland "My Life Interrupted by God"

    Today’s friend is someone I attended high school with and over the years we have reconnected and gotten closer as sisters in Christ. Her compelling story is one of bravery, surrender, heart of worship, and victory.

    Not everyone who was deported from another country gets to return to that country and make lemonade out of lemons. You need to listen because you will be blessed and your heart will thank you. As you listen to the conversation, bear this in mind:

    • Allow the lessons to be taught.
    • Go through challenging seasons and not be broken by them.
    • Don’t take God out of the equation when searching for answers. 
    • You are never too spiritual to call yourself a child of God.
    • Decide and choose God everyday.
    • Fellowshipping with God is where you start to believe. 
    • Get past the conflict of the body, soul and spirit. 
    • When God interrupts, lean forward not backward.
    • Feed your spirit with the Word of God everyday. 

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    1h 3m | Jan 26, 2023
  • 23: How to Listen to the Still Small Voice with Dr. Gladys Childs

    Dr. Gladys Childs is a speaker, author, church leader, professor, pastor's wife, and mother. Her passion is to meet people at the intersection of life and faith to provide relevant understanding of and hope in God. No stranger to heartache herself, she grew up in a non-church-going family with an alcoholic mother and came to know Christ at age 14.

    A survivor of trauma, she firmly believes in God’s ability to overcome life’s traumas. She has on her website - www.gladyschilds.com a section where you can submit questions and I read a question that someone submitted. The question is “How do I call God ‘Father’ after sexual abuse by dad?” I want you, dear sister, to go and read her response! Spot on! Here are some nuggets from our conversation:

    • Have the mindset of being open with your journey with God.
    • Focus on the stillness instead of giving up when practicing spiritual disciplines. It is about what you are gaining, not what you are giving up.
    • Always turn to God no matter what.
    • You are less of a mess today than you were yesterday and you will be better tomorrow.
    • Finding meaning frames your thoughts.
    • When you are bored with your devotions, go to the next level.
    • Do the acts that God would have you do not what people expect you to be.

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    53m | Jan 19, 2023
  • 22: How to Live a God-Directed Plan

    "God can use anyone who has a willing heart of obedience”. You and I have been called to do something and in that process become and then do more of what we are becoming. God knows the plans he has for you, as he shows you the plan, write it down and make it plain. In this episode, you will learn how to live a God-directed plan. Here are three thoughts:

    Three Thoughts

    1. God burdens our hearts for a purpose. Learn and lean into the voice of God to show you the plan He has for you in the steps and stages in which He knows best. And if for some reason you detour from the plan, do not give up, go back to the drawing board with God and He will show you.   

    2. You will experience many highs and lows working a God-directed plan because your soul will want to do its own thing. Your personality might be speaking a different language than what the spirit tells you. Remember, Jesus left us the Holy Spirit for a reason. Allow your heart the privilege to receive what it needs from God, your soul will thrive and your heart will thank you. 

    3. Experiencing anxiety, worry, depression, confusion, uncertainty, fear is normal when embarking on a journey. The choice you have is you either get to go alone and do it all by yourself, or you get to go with your heavenly Father and trust Him and his heart towards you. When you seek God, you will find Him, when you seek Him with your whole heart. When the emotional and mental burdens kick-in, run to his Word, talk through and with someone, and allow His love to fill those spaces that fear would try to creep in.   

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    24m | Jan 11, 2023
  • 21: Threshold of Faith and Fear with Lady Rev. Julia Oji

    To kick-off the year and as most of us embark on some form of a fast I invited my friend and momma in Christ join me on my virtual couch for a conversation. As a lady Reverend, she lets down her hair for some sisterly/motherly conversation.

    As you listen to the conversation with Rev. Julia Oji, in 2023, whenever you are at the threshold of faith and fear remember these:

    • Relax in God.
    • Make God your friend.
    • Discern the voice of God.
    • If you want to have your peace of mind, know who you are supposed to reveal your vision to because they may not have the capacity to handle it. 
    • Look toward the win that is at the end of your journey.
    • Never entertain fear because fear is a torment.
    • The only constant in your life journey is the love of God in the midst of your transformation.
    • Allow God to direct you.
    • Get to God by His Word and though conversations with Him.
    • Just obey what you know God is asking you to do.
    • Stop trying to figure out how ‘it’ will end.
    • Get excited about life!

    Enjoy the show!

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    1h 8m | Jan 5, 2023
  • Episode 20: 7 Practices for a Heart-Centered Wellbeing + Season 1 Recap

    Kate wraps up season 1 by sharing her 7 practices that kept her heart well throughout 2022 and why she is taking them into 2023. She also shares words of encouragement and wisdom for the wellbeing of your heart and mind.

    Three Thoughts

    1. Learn to suffer well: momentary, that's what it is.  Better is one day in God’s courts than a thousand elsewhere, especially when you have knowledge of what he can do. Give Him time to work for you and on your behalf. Lamenting is great but do not put on the spirit of grief and live with it like a best friend. In time, let your joy light shine. 

    2. Learn to appreciate time by maximizing your gifts. Focus on the priorities that actually give you a return on investment. Celebrate milestones and be ready to celebrate for others too.

    3. Learn to listen quickly, be slow to respond and slow to get angry. Practice understanding, your heart will thank you.         

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    Thank you all for an amazing time in Season 1 and I look forward to Season 2! I love you much!

    33m | Dec 29, 2022
  • Episode 19: Bring Back the Art of Faithfulness

    “Just be faithful in the things God is asking you to do. Don’t look at the numbers, don’t look at the other person’s outcomes, don’t look at the socials and the comparisons you make, just be faithful in the way you believe God is leading you on…just be faithful”. 

    Today’s episode is for all of us - the mehs of heart, the yays of heart, the nahs of heart, even the wows of heart! It is time to talk about our true north as believers and believing in the part we have in this covenant relationship. 

    Three Thoughts

    • Be faithful - this is your steadfast loyalty that isn’t easily swayed. Loyalty to God, to yourself, and in your covenant relationships. In your contract relationships, remember to remain the true child of God too.   

    • For as difficult as life can be sometimes, remember you can choose to not do life alone. This is why in 2023 we will be launching our Dear Sister Summits to take place monthly, and our Dear Sister Membership and Coaching community. I am very excited because we are creating a unique space for women who want to heal, thrive, and have abundant joy everyday. This is a global community with the purpose of healing ourselves as we also reach out and heal another sister - truly all about A Sister’s Heart.  

    • Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No. I heard this in a movie once and it stayed with me “don’t think so much about the mess, the process, the steps, focus on the outcome, the fruit." Jesus said we will know them by their fruits right? So, think more with your heart dear sister, and your head when necessary.  

    Merry Christmas 2022! Enjoy this time with family and loved ones. See you for the last episode of year next week...yay!

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    38m | Dec 22, 2022
  • Episode 18: Reclaim Your Time and Power

    You are never to be underestimated in the seasons you find yourself in…with your family, your workplace, your community. Maybe you can’t speak up for yourself. Maybe you find yourself doing for others and running on empty. Maybe you don’t feel like a helper in any area and more like the only captain in everything. Maybe life circumstances have you being the lone ranger for yourself and your kids and so you have no choice but to be the captain and co-captain. No matter what the circumstances are, there is always a good time to reclaim your time and own the inherent power and purpose you have been given.

    Three Thoughts

    1. Reclaim your time - your time. Know your inherent purpose and believe you are capable of being that.   

    2.Only you know what you need to thrive in your reclaimed time. It could be spiritual, such as literally figuring out how to create space to hear the voice of God, or physical, getting some much needed sleep, rest or mental, practicing what I call the great escape which is mental health break, or emotional such as journaling etc However reclaimed time looks like for you, just choose to own it. 

    3.You have a little Deborah in you, a little Jael in you, a little Mary in you, a little Esther in you, and Jesus is always ready to listen. Have faith in reaching out for what you need and believe that you will receive it.

    Thank you for supporting us - listening, sharing, following, sending your encouragements.

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    28m | Dec 15, 2022
  • Episode 17: When afraid, believe pray and do it anyway!

    When the vision is so big, I mean very big, that it scares the living daylights out of you, you need a big big big God. In this podcast, you are invited to explore seeds of faith with me as you get to hear the rawest parts of the beautiful tensions I hold in my heart in my faith walk toward embracing all the ways God directs me to. Here are three thoughts for you

    Three Thoughts

    • Seeds of faith sown at a younger age, helps your inner child thrive when she grows; however, if for some reason, you did not have that, remember your inner child is still there and you can always help her by believing in the littlest seed you have. Or just borrow a little bit until yours grows.   
    • Take time with God because He takes his time with you. Do not rush through the journey. Even if you detour like me, you are disobedient sometimes, like me, or you drag your feet and delay, like me, remember, you have that seed of faith and nothing is impossible. 
    • We all have a little bit or a lot of Abram in us. Ultimately, you are blessed and destined to be a mighty fortress in your community, in your family, in your friendship circles, in your small groups, in your church, in the workplace, in the world… take a step towards faith. 

    Are you looking to achieve big in 2023? Whether you have a vision, a goal, a plan, or you don't, whether you need balance in your everyday priorities, whether you want to cut the overwhelm and actually feel human...lol, go to www.chiefjoyactivator.com/systems-of-life-workshop and sign-up for my 3-day workshop. You will find more details there and get ready to achieve!

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    26m | Dec 8, 2022
  • Episode 16: Joyfully Handling Money Matters with Tania P. Brown

    The first time I met Tania Brown I was captivated by her confident spirit. Then she started talking about money and my ears perked up even more! I have never met a sister who talks about money like that! And to do it in a godly way that brings honor to the one who provides all our needs is so admirable. But hearing her speak you wouldn’t know that she was a former atheist whose journey with God has only become stronger and sweeter. This podcast episode is about our financial wellbeing, dear sister and also, about Tania’s personal journey of FREEdom, so take a listen. 

    Tania Brown, an Army veteran, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and is currently the Director of Financial Coaching. For 20 years she’s taught thousands at multiple Fortune 500 companies how to achieve financial security and build wealth. She's consulted with corporations and tech companies to create products and services to help people of all income levels improve their finances.

     She's written and been quoted in several news outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, and USA Today, and was a contributing writer on a book on personal finance. She was also the lead researcher on Optimizing Financial Wellness For A Diverse Workforce

     When she is not nerding out over the latest budgeting app, Tania is living out her other passions: fostering teens, volunteering, serving at her church, and continuing her never-ending quest to find the best chocolate.

    Your three thoughts from this conversation:

    - You need to understand that God can do so much more with your 90% so don’t shy away from tithing.

    - No matter the obstacles you have experienced or currently experiencing, believe that the better is ahead. 

    - Know that courage is you throwing up and doing it anyway, whatever that ‘it’ is. So fail often, fail fast, fail scared. 

    Contact Tania at www.taniapbrown.com

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    1h 4m | Dec 1, 2022
  • Episode 15: Radiant Joy and Radical Freedom with Caroline Colleen

    Every sister needs a sister like my guest this week! What do I mean by that? The sister friend who can keep it 100% real but in an eloquent way - she says what needs to be said without the stinging microaggressions. The sister friend that makes you feel seen, heard, known and that you are the only one in the room. There is a friend, a great girlfriend, sister friend for every season and God makes them walk into our lives at just the right moment.  

    Caroline Colleen, the Mama Champion joins me on the podcast for a sister friend conversation all about being busy mamas, holiday traditions, being authentic and real to yourself and others and living a life full of rhythms. We had a whole conversation before I hit record and you wouldn’t even know we both needed a good Sunday afternoon naps! lol!. I want you to listen to some life lessons, some real talk about being a woman with a life mantra, some wisdom about living on purpose from a joy filled sister! Caroline is a mom of three girls, exuding radiant joy and radical freedom while helping other mamas do the same. Caroline shares her breaking FREE, Breaking through and Breathing again moments as she navigates a rhythmic life on purpose. 

    Your three thoughts from this conversation:

    - You need a life mantra, one that keeps you living on purpose and with purpose

    - Pace yourself with your life dreams and goals. Life happens and so if you need to pause and start, pause and start, then do just that. Embrace the freedom to rest and lean into the trials and triumphs you experience in life.

    - Have accountability with women that will inspire you to be your best self.

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    Connect with Caroline: www.carolinecolleen.com

    54m | Nov 24, 2022
  • Episode 14: Grief and Laughter with Jovita Fenwick

    Our lives are indeed always moving in the direction of our greatest thoughts! In life we experience so many seasons, some seasons repeat, and some seasons recycle with great intensity. Whether with great ease or great intensity, how we navigate these seasons can either launch us into our greatest destinies or our greatest depressions. 

    This is the story of my first guest! We had a whole conversation before I hit record OK. And I can’t wait for you to listen to some wisdom, some lessons, some strength! Jovita Fenwick is a 21-month old widow and mama of four. She is a veteran and is now on a journey discovering the next adventure with God on her side, an angel on her shoulder and kids who keep her grounded. Jovita shares her breaking FREE, Breaking through and Breathing again moments as she navigates grief and discovers her life on purpose. 

    Your three thoughts from this conversation:

    - Do not keep your grief a secret and do not lose your character!

    - Cry when and wherever you find yourself but never neglect your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial health. Your breaking FREE moment is a defining moment.

    - Be intentional in your grief journey and don’t shy away from asking for help!

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    1h 11m | Nov 17, 2022
  • Episode 13: Context is Everything!

    Would you listen to this podcast episode with just a one line title or with a brief caption that captures and gives you enough information to make you stop, click and listen? Most likely, like me I skim the title and caption to note if I want to listen. Context! It is everything. Without it, we create our own context and out of that create more and more. 

    We see that Joseph, Jesus's father needed more context to make the decision to not divorce his wife, Mary. If you have ever needed more context and did not get it, or you got more context but it was too late, and the in between, then listen to the podcast. You will learn how to use 'understanding' to guard your heart (subconscious), know how to receive and use context and be mentally and emotionally ready to be present with others - differently! Enjoy!

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    28m | Nov 10, 2022
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