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Choose to Live FREE! with Kate A. Coker-Daisie

Choose to Live FREE! A podcast for the woman or girl who needs a wellbeing rescue. Healing the heart and mind is not that complicated... Join the host, Kate as she shares her journey of heart transformation along with those of friends invited to sit with her and with you. A native of Ghana living and making life in America with her husband and kids, Kate unpacks the deepest parts of her heart and mind and invites you to do the same so you live joyfully FREE! So, how is your Heart dear friend? A joyful heart is within reach, a peaceful mind too. On the Choose to Live FREE podcast, Kate explores stories and tools that can help you be, live, and stay FREE as God has promised. Kate explores the heart and mind connections and how we can wholeheartedly heal the broken parts of us. While it is understood that hurt people hurt people, we want to flip the narrative in our minds that healed people heal people. Join Kate and the Dear Sister Community and lets do the work towards a joyfilled joyful, peacefilled peaceful lives thriving in the love and hope of Jesus Christ. For more information visit and


Episode 15: Radiant Joy and Radical Freedom with Caroline Colleen
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Episode 14: Grief and Laughter with Jovita Fenwick
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Episode 13: Context is Everything!
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Episode 12: How to Move Through Seasons of Life
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Bonus Episode: XO Marriage Recap 2022
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Episode 9: Inconvenienced By Love
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Episode 8: Think Highly of Yourself!
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Episode 7: She said "I don't feel like it"
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Episode 6: Married and FREE
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Episode 5: The Real YOU
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Episode 4: Who Has Stolen Your FREEdom?
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Episode 3: The Cost of FREEdom
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Episode 2: The Host: Kate A. Coker-Daisie
Show Details28min 34s
Episode 1: Podcast Intro
Show Details18min 55s