S5 EP78: Phyllis Breech - Journey of Joyful Healing

Season 5 | Episode 78
53m | Apr 24, 2024

Phyllis Breech is a Speaker, Author, Nonprofit, Business Strategist & High-Performance Executive Coach. She launched her firm, Software Applications Technology, in 1995. Her team has been developing custom applications, digital marketing, and web design, including various online marketing services for their clients for over 30 years.

From a different perspective, Phyllis has triumphed over depression and being stuck in fear for many years. She has gone from days not being able to get out of bed to standing firmly in the light of who she is, where fear and pain are no longer the struggles… Read more about Phyllis here 

In this episode, Phyllis encourages us to open our hearts and encounter the true joy of Jesus. Phyllis shares her life story to impact ‘one life’. Simple. You will learn from Phyllis that:

  • Joy is clinging to the hem of Jesus’s garment.
  • Joy is a place of rest and solitude.
  • Joy is the inward knowing that produces an outward being and doing.
  • Believe that the Greater One inside you fuels you.
  • Joy concatenates with hope. Hope signals and activates joy in your heart.
  • Be intentional about cultivating joy.
  • You always have access to encounter God’s presence.

Questions to ponder on:

  • What makes you dance everyday?
  • What lies are you ruminating on?
  • How deep is your joy? How deep is your hope?

Remember, when your mind is filled with lies about who you are, whose you are, erase those lies with the Truth. 

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