S4 EP67: The Holy Spirit is Not Powerful Unless - PT8 HT Series

Season 4 | Episode 67
1h 0m | Nov 30, 2023

Continuing on the Heart Transformation series, we are learning about the human will and God’s will. This episode was a learning moment for me and I hope as you listen you take some time to journal all the coaching questions I ask. The human will is the most powerful force on earth and without our permission, the Holy Spirit remains untapped.

Three thoughts for today:

  • The human will is the most powerful force on earth. The human will is tucked within the mind which is tucked within the soul which is a part of the heart. The human will is the ultimate faculty that actively causes us to do. The human will can be misguided by life experiences, traumas and unpleasant happenings. The human will denies us of the pleasures of walking in holiness because of selfish desires and sin nature. The human will causes us to break our promises and covenants where our will to do is easily affected by our desires for self.

  • To align the human will with the will of God, everything must be set in our hearts - the desire, the motive, the will. Our minds must be renewed on God’s Word constantly enough for our hearts to desire only God’s Truth. If our will is conflicted between the world and God, we will not be able to fully experience obedience in Christ. Our hearts must delight only in the Lord, and verbally confess our desire to obey Him only. The more we confess our sins and profess our desires, our minds renew and that seeps into our hearts. We must allow God’s timing to always be more profound in our waiting than our own timeline. If you are waiting, He knows you need it.

  • Changing a habit does not start with changing a behavior. Changing a habit starts with knowing why you want to change the habit. Knowing your motives and motivations is very important. This first step must be driven deeply into your mind and heart canals to the point of desiring the why. When your heart is settled on the why, you are in agreement with what God is telling you to do, change. Your will to do will shift things as priorities and you will easily begin to accomplish God’s will. The key is to believe with your heart and agree with God.

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