S4 EP62: Recalibrate Your Mind - PT 4 Heart Transformation Series

Season 4 | Episode 62
1h 7m | Oct 26, 2023

You aren't double-minded! You have the mind of Christ! If you have submitted your heart to Christ, invite Him to cleanse this heart and begin renewing your mind. Your FREEdom and healing from strongholds rests in letting go of your old self (because it's been crucified with Christ) and each day renewing your spirit mind with His Word - His truths and promises.

Three Thoughts for today:

One: Heart Transformation is God’s business. Our business is to sit with Him and allow him the space and time to work His will in us. Don’t let anyone in this world fool you that you don’t need God for a heart transformation. If you want to do it without God, then go for it. I know what that process feels like and I personally do not choose slavery to sin. I choose to believe that there is sin and there is repentance through the grace of God. That to me is freedom when the conscience is at peace and can rest. 

Two: Renewing of the mind must be a daily habit and practice on the Word of God first and foremost. Every theory, every podcast, every information out here is basically either accepting of the Truth or denying of the Truth. So what wouldn't we go to the source for ourselves and read. Interestingly, why would we read anything else but the Holy Bible? Not reading the Holy Bible can be seen as an act of defiance, disobedience to the Spirit. Renew your mind dear sister, on the one Truth from which all these other truths are vying for your attention, time, and money!

Three: You are never double-minded when the spirit of God is alive - fully alive in you. You must remember this and the dangers of being here and there. When you try to create your own version of yourself by piecing together a piece of material from here and a patch from here, you know what you have? A quilt! You aren’t a patchwork of leftover materials, dear sister, you are a masterpiece, carefully, wonderfully crafted by the One True God with the purpose of filling the earth, subduing it, being fruitful and multiplying. God made you a masterpiece so stop acting on your own terms as a patchwork - stealing from God, stealing from the devil, stealing from others and stealing from self and mixing it up into your own version of self. Allow God to renew your mind and restore you to His glory!

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