30: The Best Gift You Will Ever Receive

38m | Mar 9, 2023

So what is time? Time is the limited period within which an action or process takes place. Life exists in time. Reading James 4:14 puts life and time in a sober perspective that we are not to boast about “tomorrow” because “what is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes”. Anytime the loss of someone hits us, we are reminded of this truth. Question then is, 86,400 seconds in a given day, what story is being written about you, who is writing that story and who will read this story, and when they read it, what impact will your story have on them?

Three Thoughts

1. Life is time and time is life. There are three Truths about time which we are blessed to learn about: the gift of time, the reality of time, and the returns or gains received with and in time. Notice they build on each other - first you are given the gift of time, you become aware of the essence of the gift you’ve been given and you maximize your investment in the right way to receive the right returns.

2. Live to make an impact with your legacy. Impression is great and most of the time that's how we meet people. They meet us, they like our interaction or how you made them feel, eventually they buy into your agenda. You show people your heart and they will respond, if the response is not kind, don’t let that change your heart. Heal and keep being you. Remember, your legacy is not separate from you. Your legacy is YOU.

3. An emphasis on maximizing your time: know your priorities and always have a clear view of what they are, and how they align to your purpose. Life happens and we may get stuck, stalled, or stopped for a while. Get back on the drawing board, seek the heart and face of Jesus to know your next step and move forward. Remember, your life lived well in time builds an indestructible legacy.

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