23: How to Listen to the Still Small Voice with Dr. Gladys Childs

53m | Jan 19, 2023

Dr. Gladys Childs is a speaker, author, church leader, professor, pastor's wife, and mother. Her passion is to meet people at the intersection of life and faith to provide relevant understanding of and hope in God. No stranger to heartache herself, she grew up in a non-church-going family with an alcoholic mother and came to know Christ at age 14.

A survivor of trauma, she firmly believes in God’s ability to overcome life’s traumas. She has on her website - a section where you can submit questions and I read a question that someone submitted. The question is “How do I call God ‘Father’ after sexual abuse by dad?” I want you, dear sister, to go and read her response! Spot on! Here are some nuggets from our conversation:

  • Have the mindset of being open with your journey with God.
  • Focus on the stillness instead of giving up when practicing spiritual disciplines. It is about what you are gaining, not what you are giving up.
  • Always turn to God no matter what.
  • You are less of a mess today than you were yesterday and you will be better tomorrow.
  • Finding meaning frames your thoughts.
  • When you are bored with your devotions, go to the next level.
  • Do the acts that God would have you do not what people expect you to be.

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