29: Am I The Only One Tired Out Here?

29m | Mar 2, 2023

When exhaustion wins, dear sister, you can get your life back! Truly your soul finds rest in God [Psalm 62:1] Remember how Jesus did it and being born in His image, begin the baby steps of recovering from fatigue, tiredness, hurry, exhaustion. Your soul finds rest in God through His Word. 

Three Thoughts

  • 1. Eliminating hurry, or breaking free from exhaustion is more than behavior modification and coping mechanisms. It requires you to be honest with yourself and acknowledge your willingness to change from what you may be striving for. I won’t say that all striving is bad. Our natural instinct is to strive, that is to try to achieve a result… you try earnestly and persistently. Sometimes you strive to get good grades, you strive to get yourself or your family the best health care, you strive to break the glass ceiling… And this is what I love about the Holy Spirit. At some point, He whispers, enough striving, now let's look at the goal again and this time, I want you to persist steadfastly, that is persevere. See it as a journey, a task or a goal and work at it diligently and with careful thought to how you get it done. So no, all striving is not bad. We are naturally wired to try to do something.  

  • 2. Oftentimes to be spiritually filled, we must address physical and mental symptoms or problems first. Going to God for wisdom will be a wise start to know your next steps. If your symptoms are overwhelming you, please seek immediate attention. I love it when we pray and wait, but then we don’t give God enough time to talk back. Prayer, a conversation. A conversation requires feedback. Are you waiting for God’s feedback? He definitely will say something to you. In Proverbs 1, wisdom is found where rebuke is embraced. When we pray and the response is conviction, lean in. Right there is wisdom knocking at the doors of your heart. 

  • 3. Most disciples are not discipling these days, we are simply deciphering what we “feel” and what we want to do. To disciple is to obediently do even when we feel it is uncomfortable, it doesn’t make sense, or it is not the norm in the culture around you. In our newsletter this month, I share with our readers heart healing habits that can be practiced to help your heart heal from ‘racing through life’. Hint: go to to sign-up so you receive these intimate Heart Healing Habits quality time newsletters from me.    

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