24: Yvette Ireland "My Life Interrupted by God"

1h 3m | Jan 26, 2023

Today’s friend is someone I attended high school with and over the years we have reconnected and gotten closer as sisters in Christ. Her compelling story is one of bravery, surrender, heart of worship, and victory.

Not everyone who was deported from another country gets to return to that country and make lemonade out of lemons. You need to listen because you will be blessed and your heart will thank you. As you listen to the conversation, bear this in mind:

  • Allow the lessons to be taught.
  • Go through challenging seasons and not be broken by them.
  • Don’t take God out of the equation when searching for answers. 
  • You are never too spiritual to call yourself a child of God.
  • Decide and choose God everyday.
  • Fellowshipping with God is where you start to believe. 
  • Get past the conflict of the body, soul and spirit. 
  • When God interrupts, lean forward not backward.
  • Feed your spirit with the Word of God everyday. 

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