31: Never Ever Waste Your Pain with Maxine M. Totoe

1h 16m | Mar 16, 2023

Today, Maxine shares her journey as a mother of three, a wife, a career woman, a child of God, a daughter, sister, and friend who has endured life struggles from miscarriage to raising a child with special needs. She gets your heart hoping again if you’ve ever been in a situation where the image you once held as an ‘ideal’ no longer presents itself as that ‘ideal’ in your life. She also advocates for special needs families and encourages all of us to support Kyle by visiting to learn more about the foundation. You can follow her on instagram at missmaxy and also on LinkedIn. 

Dear sister, I want you to lean in because Maxine’s story will have you examining your heart and asking this question “am I good with God?” because when the storms roll, you need an anchor! As you listen, here are a few takeaways:

  • At a certain point in your walk through this life, you’ve got to OWN your faith
  • Understanding and pursuing God requires you to encounter Him for yourself
  •  There comes a time when you must realize you aren’t a victim of your circumstances
  • If it is on your heart, best believe it is on God’s heart too
  • Remember faith, hope, and love and live your life in all seasons
  • God can be that missing link for you whenever you feel alone in your journey
  • Doing the inner work makes your heart good with God

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