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Black Millennial Marriage

We are Mikey and Randie Chapman, and your hosts of the Black Millennial Marriage Podcast. This podcast was created as a way to stay connected to one another. It was also formed so that we could have representation, meet other couples, and provide a space to talk about our 10+ years of relationship experience, including our years of marriage, and all we’re learning, unlearning, and loving about marriage.


BMM 145: Plastic Off the Sofa
Show Details57min 46s
BMM 144: You're Stuck With Us (SEASON 4 FINALE!)
Show Details1hr 9min
BMM 143: You Make Me Laugh
Show Details48min 34s
BMM 142: I'd Still Marry You
Show Details46min 4s
BMM Indie 141: Mothering Myself
Show Details26min 8s
BMM 140: "Grief Sedated by Orgasm"
Show Details57min 42s
BMM Indie 139: It's Hard to Talk About Noble
Show Details25min 50s
BMM 138: Bat Shit Angry
Show Details51min 49s
BMM 137: "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub"
Show Details50min 34s
BMM Indie 136: Bad Trip
Show Details25min 27s
BMM 135: We Are Really High
Show Details41min 13s
BMM INDIE 134: I Am Not Okay (BONUS EP)
Show Details17min 11s
BMM 133: A Proper Ending (End of Season 3)
Show Details43min 45s
BMM 132: Live From the Bed
Show Details36min 47s
BMM 131: Did We Get Married Too Young?
Show Details36min 48s
BMM 130: No One is Coming to Save Us
Show Details1hr 3min
BMM Indie 129: The Failed Test
Show Details26min 5s
BMM 128: Another Baby.
Show Details54min 49s
BMM Indie 127: Bucket List?
Show Details28min 45s
BMM 126: Fly Drew. Fly.
Show Details49min 44s
BMM 125: Let’s Play a Game!
Show Details57min 56s
BMM 124: End of Season Two! Back in 2021.
Show Details1hr 2min
BMM Indie 123: Great Expectations
Show Details24min 16s
BMM Indie 122: I . . . Quit
Show Details27min 33s
BMM 121: What We Gained In The Fire
Show Details1hr 3min
BMM 120: Competing With Who?
Show Details56min 37s
BMM Mini: Parent Fog
Show Details22min 12s
BMM Indie 119: I Am Alive
Show Details23min 17s
BMM 118: Another Baby?
Show Details1hr 7min
BMM 117: Big Mistakes. Big Lessons.
Show Details1hr 3min
BMM Indie 116: Guidance
Show Details26min 52s
BMM 115: Creator Woes
Show Details57min 27s
BMM Indie 114: Dear God Ft. Brandi Miller
Show Details43min 40s
BMM 113: We Keep Forgetting to Say Thank You
Show Details1hr 11min
BMM 112: What I Like About You
Show Details41min 15s
BMM Indie 111: Checking In
Show Details21min 21s
BMM 110: Are You Shrinking Yourself for Me?
Show Details1hr 18min
BMM Indie 109: Fuck Cancer
Show Details28min 15s
BMM 108: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
Show Details1hr 20min
BMM Indie 107: Black Is.
Show Details1hr 2min
BMM 106: Brave Marriage Featuring Jeff and Logan
Show Details1hr 13min
BMM Indie 105: Brotherly Love
Show Details46min 48s
BMM Mini: Let’s Not Fight
Show Details25min 28s
BMM 104: Love and Business featuring Domino Sound
Show Details59min 3s
BMM Indie 103: Thinking of Oluwatoyin Salau
Show Details29min 15s
BMM 102: We’re Rich
Show Details45min 56s
BMM Indie 101: Big Stick
Show Details51min 19s
Show Details1hr 14min
BMM Indie 099: Go Back to Africa
Show Details28min 45s
BMM 098: Joy is an Act of Resistance Ft. Drew
Show Details55min 54s
BMM 097: BMM X Cheat Code
Show Details1hr 9min
BMM 096: Marriage Counseling
Show Details1hr 9min
BMM 095: Radical Acceptance
Show Details49min 44s
BMM Indie 094: When In Doubt
Show Details30min 1s
BMM 093: A Second Marriage?
Show Details47min 31s
BMM 092: Woman to Woman
Show Details1hr 17min
BMM Indie 091: Dad Body
Show Details28min 47s
BMM 090: The F*ck?
Show Details1hr 11min
BMM Indie 089: Little Graces
Show Details29min 30s
BMM 088: 4Ever Ever, It Ain’t All Bad
Show Details1hr 10min
BMM Indie 087: After This
Show Details24min 18s
BMM 086: Deeper Than the Highlight Reel
Show Details56min 11s
BMM Indie 085: On Being Married
Show Details31min 27s
BMM 084: Love and Lessons in the Time of Corona
Show Details1hr 7min
BMM Indie 083: When a Man Loves a Woman
Show Details30min 39s
BMM 082: Game of Moans
Show Details57min 10s
[Patreon Archives] BMM Mini 019: Would You Rather?
Show Details22min 23s
[Patreon Archives] BMM Mini 010: Shower my Baby
Show Details25min 10s
[Patreon Archives] BMM Mini 017: 5 Hours
Show Details28min 48s
[Patreon Archives] BMM Mini 022: To Spank or Not to Spank
Show Details32min 36s
[Patreon Archives] BMM Mini 013: Labor of Love Pt. 3
Show Details51min 22s
[BONUS EPISODE] Raising Rebels: Parenting is a team sport
Show Details57min 52s
BMM 081: End of Season 1. Back in April.
Show Details1hr 20min
BMM Indie 080: The Best Things
Show Details33min 57s
BMM 079: This Email . . .
Show Details1hr 24min
BMM Indie 078: Confidence is Key
Show Details22min 50s
BMM 077: What a Year
Show Details1hr 13min
BMM Indie 076: Is This Libido?
Show Details46min 42s
BMM 075: You’re a Flirt
Show Details1hr 13min
BMM Indie 074: Leap of Faith
Show Details47min 24s
BMM 073: Relationship Horror Stories Pt. 2
Show Details1hr 11min
BMM Indie 072: The Bottom
Show Details46min 28s
BMM 071: Family Dinner
Show Details1hr 29min
BMM Indie 070: Daddy Issues
Show Details40min 22s
BMM 069: How Randie Got Her Groove Back
Show Details1hr 29min
BMM Indie 068: Loc Journey
Show Details49min 42s
BMM 067: This Sh*t is Hard Work
Show Details1hr 37min
BMM Indie 066: Freedom
Show Details28min 15s
BMM 065: That’s Not How Any of This Works
Show Details1hr 6min
BMM Indie 064: Girlfriends & Things
Show Details44min 16s
BMM 063: So You Wanna Code? (PT. 2)
Show Details1hr 15min
BMM Indie 062: Therapy
Show Details37min 59s
BMM 061: Oh, You Watch Porn Porn
Show Details1hr 29min
BMM Indie 060: What Had Happened Was
Show Details42min 43s
BMM 059: Why Do Millennials Fall in Love?
Show Details1hr 11min
BMM Indie 058: Hey
Show Details18min 32s
BMM 057: Would You Rather?
Show Details1hr 3min
BMM 056: Bad Dad/Good Husband. Bad Wife/Good Mom.
Show Details1hr 37min
BMM 055: So You Wanna Code? (PT. 1)
Show Details1hr 3min
BMM 054: What About Your Fam?
Show Details1hr 16min
BMM 053: Family Dinner
Show Details1hr 35min
BMM 052 Memory Lane: No, I Love You (More)
Show Details1hr 42min
BMM 051: 21 Day Challenge
Show Details1hr 2min
BMM 050: THAT Black Mirror Episode
Show Details1hr 6min
BMM 049: Dear Mikey, Happy Father’s Day
Show Details22min 3s
BMM 048: Okay, But . . . STFU
Show Details43min 36s
BMM 047: Vulnerability Fail
Show Details1hr 26min
BMM 046: Hypothetically, Of Course.
Show Details1hr
BMM 045: Gimmie a Break
Show Details1hr 4min
BMM 044: So…Are We Gonna Have Sex?
Show Details53min 29s
BMM Mini 015: Side Effects of Drew
Show Details22min 25s
BMM 043: Behind the Podcast
Show Details1hr 39min
BMM 042: Changes
Show Details1hr 20min
BMM 041: But What If You Die?
Show Details52min 21s
BMM Mini 012: Labor of Love Pt. 2
Show Details47min 58s
BMM 040: A Superstitious Bunch
Show Details59min 38s
BMM 039: Hey Stranger
Show Details1hr 19min
BMM Mini 011: Labor of Love Pt. 1
Show Details37min 17s
BMM Mini 009: Next Time Around
Show Details28min 7s
BMM 038: Let That Man Be a Man
Show Details1hr 9min
BMM 037: Issa Notice
Show Details1hr 28min
BMM 036: The Bat Cave
Show Details1hr 45min
BMM 035 Memory Lane: Jealous Much?
Show Details1hr 2min
BMM 034 Memory Lane: What We’re Loving About Marriage
Show Details1hr 13min
BMM 033 Memory Lane: Must Love Sex
Show Details1hr 14min
BMM 032: We Can’t Believe We Made It
Show Details1hr 34min
BMM Mini 008: Baby, You’ve Changed
Show Details36min 54s
BMM EP 031: No, I Love You (More)
Show Details1hr 38min
BMM EP 030: Tell Me More
Show Details1hr 26min
BMM Mini 007: Baby Education, Fears, & Paranoia
Show Details44min 36s
BMM 029: I’ll Miss You
Show Details1hr 3min
BMM 028: Who TF Am I Having Kids With?
Show Details1hr 5min
BMM Mini 006: Name Reveal
Show Details25min 16s
BMM Mini 005: Conscious Parenting
Show Details50min 1s
BMM 027: Relationship Horror Stories PT. 1
Show Details1hr 10min
BMM Mini 004: The Birth Plan
Show Details28min 17s
BMM 026: The Relationship Check-In
Show Details1hr 6min
BMM Mini 003: It’s a Girl
Show Details43min 12s
BMM 025: Never Gonna Give You Up
Show Details58min 2s
BMM 024: “I’m Good, Luv”
Show Details1hr 19min
BMM Mini Episode 002: Awkward Sex
Show Details36min 2s
BMM 023: It’s a Hard Knock Life
Show Details1hr 12min
BMM Mini Episode 001: The Perfect Time?
Show Details30min 40s
BMM 022: The Interview
Show Details1hr 6min
BMM 021: So. . . We’re Pregnant
Show Details1hr 3min
BMM 020: The Proposal
Show Details56min 6s
BMM 019: Jealous Much?
Show Details52min 26s
BMM 018: What We’re Loving About Marriage
Show Details53min 21s
BMM 017: What We’re Unlearning About Marriage
Show Details43min 51s
BMM 016: A Crazy Ass Night
Show Details52min 57s
BMM 015: Sometimes You’re Hard to Love
Show Details54min 29s
BMM 014: The Rumor Mill: Skepticism & Long-Distance
Show Details1hr 12min
BMM 013: A Friendship Application
Show Details54min 53s
BMM 012: Things to Do Before You Get Married
Show Details54min 16s
BMM 011: A Bad Day to Not Be Pregnant
Show Details1hr 15min
BMM 010: Worst Lap Dance Ever
Show Details50min 3s
BMM 009: Dear Mama
Show Details1hr 6min
BMM 008: Must Love Sex
Show Details57min 39s
BMM 007: Just Married? Good Luck.
Show Details1hr 6min
BMM 006: Fighting Clean Fails
Show Details1hr 9min
BMM 005: Threesome or Nah?
Show Details57min 20s
BMM 004: Plot Twists & Lemonade: Our Miscarriage Story
Show Details1hr 17min
BMM 003: Who TF Did I Marry?
Show Details1hr 7min
BMM 002: Almost Breaking Up & Non-Negotiables
Show Details1hr 23min
BMM 001: The Chapman Origin Story
Show Details46min 48s