BMM INDIE 172: Let's Talk About Lichen Sclerosus Ft. Kathy Ruiz-Carter

Season 7 | Episode 172
41m | May 22, 2024

Hey y’all!

Tune in as Randie sits down with Kathy, host of the Lichen Sclerosus Podcast.

Kathy was diagnosed with LS 5 years ago at 40 and the life-changing diagnosis paved the way for her podcast and organization on a mission to educate women about the auto immune disease that commonly affects the genitals.

In this episode, Kathy details the symptoms she experienced before diagnosis, the sub-par medical care she initially received, and how living with this diagnosis affects her body, marriage, and children. 

It’s a wonderful, informative conversation that highlights how powerful women are (In Randie’s humble opinion). 

You’ll not only enjoy the interview, but you’ll get insight into how to maintain a healthy vulva and what to do if you are experiencing LS symptoms.

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