BMM EP 160: Why Do Millennials Fall in Love [UNEDITED + REPRISED]

Season 6 | Episode 160
1h 23m | Oct 24, 2023

Hey y'all, Hey!

It's a good day for a throwback.

And in this episode the Chapmans highlight BMM EP 059: Why Do Millennials Fall in Love? Do you remember that episode? It was a lot of fun and Mikey and Randie wanted to share the unedited version of that episode with you.

In this episode, Randie reads a listener’s love story that started at Sonics, involves a little head, and ends in a lasting marriage. Later, Mikey and Randie answer a listener’s question that reveals why they got married and also why they believe millennials are shying away from the commitment. Before the episode’s end, the Chapmans hypothetically renegotiate terms of their relationship and engage in a fight or flight that gets deeper than expected. However, as always Mikey and Randie reel it in with some always appreciated PDA and they hope you enjoy.

Are you excited to add this millennial couple to your list of relationship favorites?

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NOTE: The unedited versions of the episodes are episodes without any editing. It is raw audio from the recording session before the public gets the cleaned up version. Normally, the couple only share these versions of the podcast with their Patreon, but a rabbit hole gave the Mrs. the idea to share this particular episode.

Let Mikey and Randie know if you like these kind of episodes and walks down memory lane. We hope you enjoy!


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