BMM EP 166: Holistic Marriage Ft. Dr. Tiffany Smith + Mr. Horace Smith

Season 7 | Episode 166
1h 12m | Apr 24, 2024

Hey y’all! 

Mikey and Randie are back for Season 7. The Chapmans done batch recorded and everything lmao. In this episode the couple interview Dr. Tiffany Smith and her husband Mr. Horace a.k.a. Mr. Smith.

Tune in to hear your hosts chat with the couple about their love story, the challenges of Horace living with chronic pain, functional medicine, and the surprising benefits of aromatherapy. Dr. Tiffany even gifts BMM listeners with a special offering.

Later, Randie brings a fight or flight about Mikey’s freudian slip concerning her . . . hair.

But it’s always love, as the couple end with PDA.

As always, Mikey and Randie appreciate you for listening and rocking with them for all of these years. They wouldn’t be here without your support and they want you to know they’re grateful.

*BTW: Today (April 24th) is the couple’s EIGHT year Anniversary! Show them some love.

View their new apartment registry here:

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