BMM 158: Holy Smokes Ft. Kristian A. Smith

Season 6 | Episode 158
1h 6m | Sep 19, 2023

Hey y’all! 

Was a pastor featured on the BMM podcast on your Bingo card for 2023? It certainly wasn’t on Mikey and Randie’s, but seeing as this season’s theme is “Lemonade” the Chapmans are committed to acknowledging the nourishment all around them. Enter Kristian A. Smith, a man who wears many hats, and is also the host of the Holy Smokes Spirituality and Cigars podcast. 

In this episode, the couple interview Kristian and discuss the first time they all broke an unspoken spoken rule, his ministry, how he and his wife, Pamela, are deconstructing marriage, how his relationship changed his faith and more. Kristian even shares a hack to how you can ensure the church you’re visiting (if you still visit churches) believes in inclusive and humane theology.

Later, Randie and Mikey chat with Kristian about how cigars bring people closer and after the interview the Chapmans shower each other in some PDA.

This episode will surprise you in the best way, and your hosts hope you enjoy. 

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