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Being Better

The Being Better podcast is safe space to learn about mindsets and practices that help us become better; AKA happier, wiser, and healthier. Among the episode topics, you will find physical and mental health practices, deciphering scientific research, sustainability tips, habit development, and interviews with experts from different fields.


I’ve been anxious about the future
Show Details25min 58s
How to stop binge eating, learning to eat mindfully, & the dangers of intermittent fasting with Krista Couch
Show Details1hr 7min
Relationships, attachment styles, and improving social skills with Dr Heidi Kane
Show Details59min 18s
Stop saying you’re stupid - we don’t even know what intelligence is
Show Details28min 35s
Simple and underrated habits with the power to change your life
Show Details34min 18s
Why the standard model of education SUCKS and how to fall back in love with learning (no matter your age, career, or location)
Show Details34min 18s
*hot take*: Learning is actually awesome
Show Details31min 51s
Meant To Move - The importance of intuition and listening to your inner voice
Show Details1hr 19min
Why you’re overstimulated and what to do about it
Show Details34min 7s
Meant To Move - Practicing pleasure through sensuality & embodiment
Show Details1hr 27min
The science behind the birth control pill, honoring the female cycle & empowering women in a man-made world with Courageous Wellness
Show Details1hr 8min
Why and how to romanticize your life
Show Details32min 51s
Meant To Move - Turning anxiety into confidence
Show Details1hr 24min
Improving confidence, performing on stage, and self-acceptance with Stefanie Sommer
Show Details1hr 13min
Meant To Move - Healing the relationships with our bodies
Show Details1hr 14min
Finding inner peace, how to deal with anger, and the joy of stillness with Lucy Victoria Jackson
Show Details1hr 13min
Attaining food freedom, improving body image, and why weight does not define health with Cherie Miller
Show Details58min 29s
Meditation guide for beginners, the science of mindfulness, and corporate wellness with Danica Trapara
Show Details51min 59s
The science of decision-making, how to actually build habits, and behavioral economics for growing your business with Melina Palmer
Show Details1hr 1min
The science behind skincare, "clean" beauty, and how to properly read labels with Asia Fee (Alchemist Asia)
Show Details1hr 11min
Movement therapy, spiritual embodiment, and developing intuition with Marie Janicek
Show Details1hr 27min
The dangers of people pleasing
Show Details30min 20s
Should we strive for self-improvement or for happiness?
Show Details30min 11s
Why you shouldn’t take advice from successful people - survivorship bias explained
Show Details30min 54s
Lessons Learned From 2021
Show Details33min 14s
“Stop Bullshitting Yourself” - How To Practice Self-Awareness
Show Details31min 10s
Trauma & manifestation, inner child healing, and developing self-compassion with Dr. Anna Kress
Show Details1hr 10min
What If I Can’t Afford Self-Development?
Show Details30min 3s
Our bodies were designed to move - How to build the habit of exercising (and stick to it)
Show Details33min 40s
The truth about fighting depression, mental health myths, & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - with Sadie Sutton
Show Details1hr 9min
Trailer for Being Better
Show Details2min 22s
“Humans are NOT designed to be happy, productive, or confident” - the science of human nature
Show Details30min 33s
Why does music make us feel good?
Show Details26min 37s
Leah Scott on the science of cold exposure, learning to breathe, & the power of femininity
Show Details1hr 13min
Luckie Sigouin on redefining masculinity, male body image, and coping with grief in a healthy way
Show Details1hr 8min
Why we can say hurtful words to ourselves that we would never say to other people
Show Details33min 8s
The problem with self-help…
Show Details29min 23s
Zahra Biabani on climate optimism, recognizing greenwashing, and climate justice
Show Details1hr 7min
Pat McAuley on becoming a plant-based athlete, “you are what you eat”, and the freedom of a simple life
Show Details1hr 12min
Why you should make time to be alone with yourself and how to actually enjoy it
Show Details33min 3s
Zahraa Surtee on therapy myths, learning to ask for help, & building strong relationships
Show Details1hr 16min
Why we are so attracted to bad news and fail to notice the good - negativity bias explained
Show Details35min 10s
How to deal with climate anxiety and regain hope for the future of the planet
Show Details34min 18s
Should we focus on the journey, the destination, or "the friends we made along the way?"
Show Details30min 49s
Life is great... so why aren’t we happy?
Show Details30min 58s
Why you think you’re right ...even if you’re wrong - confirmation bias explained
Show Details30min 23s
How to *actually* overcome fear and anxiety
Show Details30min 6s
Amanda McLoughlin on becoming self-employed, queer representation, and financial misconceptions
Show Details1hr 23min
Are self-help books worth it?
Show Details33min 57s
How your wardrobe can help fight climate change
Show Details33min 30s
Humans are obsessed with numbers and it’s only making us miserable
Show Details38min 23s
The toxic side of productivity
Show Details25min 19s
The Drinkwater Brothers on the therapeutic aspect of music, overcoming imposter syndrome, and sibling relationships
Show Details1hr 22min
Why I’m struggling with meditation and why you might too
Show Details32min 28s
Julie Fratantoni, PhD, on brain health, the science of happiness, and common brain myths
Show Details1hr 14min
How to seize the day and carpe the shit out of the diem
Show Details34min 48s
Anna Papaioannou on breathwork, the gut-brain connection, and psychedelics
Show Details1hr 22min
The power of perception: labeling, placebo, mindfulness, and gratitude
Show Details30min 9s
Mariana Castro on equality, imposter syndrome, and journalism
Show Details1hr 12min
Cecily Castro on finding your own path, traveling on a budget, and language learning
Show Details1hr 14min
Understanding and dealing with anger in a healthy way
Show Details33min 29s
How should we define success?
Show Details32min 16s
Does money make us happier?
Show Details32min 15s
Motivation is overrated
Show Details30min
Cade Prior on the art of freelancing, ethical advertising, and digital minimalism
Show Details1hr 29min
Lara Kamal on black holes, becoming a scientist as an immigrant, and gender equality in STEM
Show Details1hr 19min
Lucy Scarborough on body dysmorphia, toxicity of the self-improvement culture, and skydiving
Show Details58min 59s
How to beat inner resistance and do the work
Show Details27min 59s
The one habit to change your life
Show Details22min 49s
Belén Castelló & Tristan Bogaard on monetizing a passion, cycling the world, and slow travel
Show Details1hr 22min
Book discussion - Tao Te Ching
Show Details31min 47s
Flora Beverly on sustainability, mental health, and mindful social media usage
Show Details51min 27s
Why I am vegan and why you don’t have to be
Show Details27min 45s
Jada Jones on building an online business, not going to college, and journaling for success
Show Details1hr 12min
Conclusions from a 30-day social media detox
Show Details38min 35s
How to fight (and win) with procrastination w/ Kat Gonzales
Show Details1hr 10min
How to start running
Show Details30min 43s
Book discussion - Meditation for beginners
Show Details29min 29s
How to *actually* read more books
Show Details31min 10s
The freedom of owning less
Show Details30min 20s
How to have a sustainable Christmas celebration
Show Details32min 36s
Applying the principles of stoicism to our daily life
Show Details30min 4s
Ep.0 - Welcome to Being Better
Show Details8min 42s