Why the standard model of education SUCKS and how to fall back in love with learning (no matter your age, career, or location)

34m | Jun 30, 2022

Episode 80

In the second part of our ode to learning we talk about why the standard model of education (based on the Prussian education system) has conditioned students all around the globe to abandon their natural curiosities and grow to hate studying. Julia explains why the system is old-fashioned and works only on a very few types of students while discouraging as well as causing anxiety and chronic stress in all the others. She breaks down the unfair treatment of students and teachers which leaves both sides resentful towards education. However, it’s not all gloom and doom; this episode is also an exploration on how we can regain that sense of love for studying and become lifelong learners. We deeply believe that leaning is a privilege we all should have access to - no matter our age, nationality, gender, family life or career path. 


Read “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë 


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