Meant To Move - The importance of intuition and listening to your inner voice

1h 18m | May 29, 2022

Episode 5

Marie and Julia are joined in a conversation about the power of our inner voice. They discuss what intuition really is and provide neuropsychological research to help explain why developing the ability to listen to it can be so life-changing. Yet, most of us go through life ignoring our “gut instincts”, which unfortunately can result in serious physical and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more. Therefore, the co-hosts move on to discussing some ways through which we can all practice and foster intuition and give tangible, real-life advice. They also share their personal stories as examples of the importance of intuition in platonic and romantic relationships as well as movement practices. Before the end of the discussion, Julia shares how she was recently struggling in following her intuitive movement practice as an indirect effect of ignoring her instincts and bodily cues. 

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