Meant To Move - Practicing pleasure through sensuality & embodiment

1h 27m | May 5, 2022

Episode 3

  In the third episode of Meant To Move, Marie and Julia reconnect to discuss the relationship between embodiment and pleasure. They talk about why so many of us find movement and exercise unpleasant as well as how we can learn to practice pleasure and joy in other areas of our lives. They realize that we can learn so much from kids who prioritize enjoying every second of every minute and share tips on how we can tend to our inner child. Later, Julia and Marie move on to discussing pleasure in terms of sensuality and sexuality - a factor that’s crucial for our overall health but is at the same time considered a taboo topic. They share their own stories of learning to enjoy their own bodies, masturbation, orgasm, and healing the shame and trauma that so many of us feel around this space. At the end of the episode, Julia shares recent insights and experiences in her movement journey, and Marie suggests new ways to tune into our bodies and take this embodiment practice to a new level.

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