Simple and underrated habits with the power to change your life

34m | Jul 7, 2022

Episode 81

 We all know that habit development is an important aspect of growth and self-improvement because in order to go big you gotta start small. However, the habits that are praised and claimed the most effective might in fact not be those that make us happier and compassionate towards ourselves. I’m sure you’ve heard that you should make a habit out of daily movement, eating greens, drinking water, reading etc, but if you’re insecure and depressed and simply force yourself to go on a run and eat kale, I promise you, you won’t feel much better. Any practice won’t actually spark positive change if motivated by self-hate and needing to change who you are. Therefore, this week’s episode will provide you with a list of practices that promote positive thinking and have the power to make you fall in love with life. These small and seemingly insignificant practices actually have the power to change your life for the better, make you more compassionate towards yourself and others, and are scientifically proven to increase levels of happiness.


Stand ups to make you laugh:

Ellen DeGeneres “Relatable”

Jenny Slate “Stage Fright”

Iliza Shlesinger “Elder Millennial”

Bo Burnham “What”

Bo Burnham “Inside”

Hannah Gadsby “Nanette” 


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