S4 EP57: What is It? The Heart Transformation Series Part 1

Season 4 | Episode 57
1h 6m | Sep 28, 2023

In this part 1 of the Heart transformation Series, we:

Explore the meaning of the Heart and Heart Transformation and why it is very critical to the overall health of a believer. The world needs it but if the world is not believing in God, they will not be ready for this type of healing - the world will choose to embrace behavior modification which is simply a tip of the iceberg of healing the whole person.

Know the state of your heart - what is the heart? What is in it? And become aware that there is a battle - and the battle is for your heart, your mind is a part of your heart. You can change your mind and still have a corrupt heart… when you change the core of your messaging, it will feed into all areas. You change your mind and keep renewing it and over time your heart with transform into what you feed it.

Learn about the role trust and forgiveness play in the Heart Transformation process; these are two important heart check principles for your heart health. 

Become aware of the sin factor which will be explored in detail in series 2. 

Understand the fundamentals of the heart when in relationship with God.

Three Thoughts for today:

One: Heart transformation begins with a relationship with Jesus. You cultivate this relationship in trust and yielding of your heart in whatever state it is in.

Two: The conscious mind is a part of your heart but there is more to your heart that isn’t readily conscious - your desires, your yearnings, your hurts, your dreams, your emotions, your motives…

Three: Heart transformation is a journey that requires time, Holy Spirit, and a willing teachable humble heart ready to exude the pure fruits of the spirit. You are ready to live true holiness, you are ready to deny self, die to self daily and allow Jesus to lead your life as your Lord.

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