S4 EP69: Shaunte Prevot - Level Up Your Generational Blessings

Season 4 | Episode 69
1h 2m | Dec 14, 2023

Shaunte Prevot is a mom of five beautiful children, a wife of twelve years and a daughter of God. She loves date nights and family nights are a treasure in her heart. I sat down with my good friend to explore aspects of her life and the journey of womanhood. She is a new Author and you can find more about her children’s book “Goodbye Fear, God is With Me” on Amazon. Shaunte is passionate about racial reconciliation.

She believes that Racial Reconciliation starts with US. Loving each other and what makes us different. We’re purposefully made up of an array of colors as Christ intended, all stemming from dirt. God saw everything he made and said it was very good. ALL of us are made in the image of Christ (Genesis 1:26-27). As I challenge myself I also challenge you to speak up and stand out for racial reconciliation in our land. May you be bold and courageous as you speak up and stand with Jesus! Let’s get back to the beginning together.

Here are a few nuggets from our conversation:

  • Be intentional with your words and in seeing your loved ones
  • See difficult seasons in parenthood as seasons
  • When you begin to see Jesus for yourself, your relationships change
  • Your relationship with God is a growing journey
  • Pursue God with your heart, seek His face, spend time with Him
  • You notice a shift in your struggles the more you surrender to Jesus
  • Be prepared to let go of ungodly friendships so as to create space for godly relationships
  • Humility is a powerful trait of a godly woman
  • God sees and knows more about your seasons than you do - trust Him
  • To train godly children, you must allow yourself to be trained by the Holy Spirit
  • Train up: this is an intentional purpose assigned to you by the Lord
  • Think generational blessings as you partner with the Holy Spirit to break generational curses

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