S5 EP72: Rev. Julia Oji - In 2024 Live in Peace and Be Calm

Season 5 | Episode 72
44m | Jan 4, 2024

"The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven's Armies will make it happen". Isaiah 37:32b

To start off the year 2024, Rev. Julia Oji joins Kate on the virtual couch for a much needed heart preparation as we start the New Year. A few words to note from their conversation:

  • Be passionate about the Lord and His commitment to you
  • You must approach God's will with an obedient teachable heart
  • Remember whatever you are called to accomplish in this New Year, it is the passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven's Armies that will make this calling happen.
  • Never lose your zeal, never lose your faith in the process
  • Out of the process, you are refined
  • Trust God's process and hold on to His promises in the challenges as well as in the triumph.
  • Hold your peace and be calm in the face of calamities, mockeries and troubles and pressures.
  • Every attack on you, remember this is God's personal battle. He will fight for you!
  • When you encounter seasons of drought, remember and go back to God
  • As you listen, believe in your heart that your year in 2024 will be amazing!

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