S5 EP73: Season 5 Opening

Season 5 | Episode 73
28m | Mar 20, 2024

Yessss! We are back for season 5! This is the season of 'remaining' when everyone is busy searching. In this bonus episode, I open season 5, share ministry updates and some personal updates too.

When I took these past few months to rest and receive perspective through prayer and solitude, I realized that my primary aim is to enjoy Jesus and glorify Him forever. How I glorify the Lord is cultivating the gift seed He has planted in my heart. I need to take each seed and nurture it, cultivate it and make sure I steward my giftings well. 

From writing, to leading, to healing, to faith, I must use these gifts well and multiply them for His Kingdom. I am so happy to be back doing exactly what rests well in my heart. We kickoff season five exploring life in the Spirit - specifically the Fruit of the Spirit. I will teach on the fruit and also invite guests to explore the various characteristics of the fruit with me.

Excited for what's coming up so much that I am doing a podcast dump! Enjoy!

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