S5 EP77: All Joy No Stress - Fruit of Joy

Season 5 | Episode 77
52m | Apr 10, 2024

For truths in this episode, “Joy Is…”:

  • Joy is hope in the dark
  • Joy is gladness of heart
  • Joy is being assured
  • Joy is agreement
  • Joy is understanding
  • Joy is acceptance
  • Joy is contentment in and with the past, present, now, and future happenings
  • Joy is knowing that you are safe, secure, accepted
  • Joy is acknowledgment of you unwavering reliance
  • Joy is a deep admiration and reverence for God
  • Joy is belief in the greater
  • Joy is the emotion you choose when hope comes
  • Joy is best produced in the midst of discipline and suffering
  • Joy is Jesus

When hope dims, joy dims as well so beware of your killjoys and embrace your joy activators. Killjoys can be anything or anyone purposefully trying to snuff out the God in you - do not let it, do not let them. If you are in the depth of depression, there is no hope, reach out and begin a journey of restoring your hope and joy. So, get rid of your killjoys - your idols. Your joy burst is a repentant heart obediently walking in step with Jesus; as you heal, you sprinkle your joy dust onto others around you. 

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