S4 EP58: Christians Only? PT2 Heart Transformation Series

Season 4 | Episode 58
46m | Oct 5, 2023

Wherever you are in your relating to God, whether curious, convinced, or committed, the bad days do come, the good days do come… the difference between Peter and Judas was what? Peter believed, obeyed, repented, and chose. The difference between Ruth and Orpah? Ruth believed, obeyed, surrendered, and chose. The difference between Job and his wife and friends? Job remained committed, obeyed, worshiped, prayed, repented, chose. The difference between David and Saul? David believed, repented, remained faithful, chose. 

The difference between you, dear sister and… no one… you have no one to compare your journey with. It is unique just as you are. Start right where you are. We explore

  • The question “can someone experience Heart Transformation without being a Christian?”
  • Define the various types of disciples and you probably are now able to identify which one you are. 
  • The differences between heart transformation and behavior modification

Three Thoughts for today:

One: Heart Transformation is a spiritual transformation and one that draws your heart away from the things that interrupt your relationship with the only person who can give you eternal rest for your soul.

Two: The curious disciple know Jesus with her head, the convinced disciple believes with her heart but remains stuck in logic and the committed disciple by faith, does what she obediently knows to do, trusting Jesus with the outcome. Again, which one are you and how can you become committed?

Three: Heart transformation is more than tending to your emotions and feelings. It is a journey that requires time, Holy Spirit, and a willing teachable humble heart ready to exude the pure fruits of the spirit. You are ready to live true holiness, you are ready to deny self, die to self daily and allow Jesus to lead your life as your Lord.

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