S4 EP61: What's Sin Got to Do with It? PT 3 Heart Transformation Series

Season 4 | Episode 61
1h 16m | Oct 19, 2023

We cannot live a sinless life as long as we are in this world, but God we aren’t under the law but under grace. So when we fall into sin, God’s love should remind us to do the first thing first - repent. Have that heart posture in his presence and acknowledge your sins. Be open, honest, transparent with God - it's just you and him. Ask for forgiveness and commit to his discipleship to grow in Him with the help of the Holy Spirit. True FREEdom, our desire to be set free, begins when we acknowledge, accept and abide. Acknowledge our sinful nature and give it to Jesus; Accept Jesus and His yoke and burden, and we Abide forever in Him - we are committed to His ways.

Three Thoughts for today:

One: Heart Transformation is God’s business. Period. Don’t let anyone in this world fool you that you don’t need God for a heart transformation. If you want to do it without God, then go for it. I know what that process feels like and I personally do not choose slavery to sin. I choose to believe that there is sin and there is repentance through the grace of God. That to me is freedom when the conscience is at peace and can rest. 

Two: The sin factor is not talked about enough. In my other sphere of mental health, we excuse many sins with labels which really, if we can begin to acknowledge them for what they are we can begin to get true relief in our hearts and minds. Set the conscience free by acknowledging what you know is so not right, the battle you are facing to let that sin go. A heart that is turned over to Jesus, cannot be taken over by Satan, but a heart that is already rejecting Jesus is opening a door for another host/spirit.

Three: If you can get beyond the sin factor in your Heart transformation, the battle is more than halfway won! Heart transformation is more than tending to your emotions and feelings. It is a journey that requires time, Holy Spirit, and a willing teachable humble heart ready to exude the pure fruits of the spirit. You are ready to live true holiness, you are ready to deny self, die to self daily and allow Jesus to lead your life as your Lord. 

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