S4 EP53 Meliza's Story: You Can See with Your Heart

Season 4 | Episode 53
1h 2m | Aug 31, 2023

My conversation today is with a friend in the United Kingdom . She had my heart at these words, and I quote, “You can know the truth, but it won’t set you free until you believe it.” What a powerhouse! Meliza is a wife and mum of two awesome kids. Life is full in Preston, UK. When she’s not running the household or playing taxi, she writes books, develops courses, and coaches people – helping them to walk in freedom; in their true identity and purpose. She loves what she does and enjoys her life – but this was not always how she would tell her story.

So let’s go ahead and hear Meliza’s story. There is a snippet video on our YouTube page where you get to watch a touching moments we had from our conversation - @ godlywomanandcompany

  • Life is all entangled in ‘stuff’ such as identity, purpose, belonging
  • You have to rediscover who you by being awakened to your true identity
  • Trauma may usher shame into your life but God’s perfect gift of grace speaks worthiness
  • The lies from the enemy can steal our joy and rob our peace
  • As God tolerates our messes, He gently guides, leads and celebrates us
  • You can see with your eyes but to know God, you must see Him with your heart
  • After seeing God with your heart, you begin to untangle by replacing the lies in your mind with truth from His Word
  • You can go through therapy, counseling, self-help guides but the best way to get out of the messes is to get out of your own way to hear God’s voice
  • Whoever is in your heart, controls you - your thoughts, your actions, even your beliefs
  • We are all in progress, going from one level of healing to another, one level of freedom to another - just choose to believe
  • God’s love is the agent that activates our faith

Enjoy the conversation, your heart will thank you! 

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