S4 EP54: God, Grit & Good Grace (not good grief) Happy 1yr Anniversary

Season 4 | Episode 54
37m | Sep 7, 2023

Happy 1 year Anniversary to the CTLF Podcast! In this episode, no guests, no fan fare, no extras... just Kate and the Holy Spirit pouring into your heart on how to steward your journey well. The title of the podcast is actually a revelation from God about what a life of serving and loving and living with Him looks like. Kate shares her highs and lows from the year and coming full circle completion in a journey of heart healing which propelled this ministry. Now she walks boldly in ministry, not because she knows what to say or do but because she knows a father, a warrior, a friend who is capable of equipping her with the words she lacks and making the wrong things right. To know God, to have divine grit and to experience his Good grace, you need intimacy with God. You must feed your spirit all the right nutrients from the Word of God!

So much goodness in this episode and hope you enjoy listening.

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