S4 EP56: Thrive in God's Perfect Plan and Timing

Season 4 | Episode 56
47m | Sep 21, 2023

God always has a plan. His plan remains His plan. No matter the detours in life, the delays, the distractions, His promises and plans about your life remains unchanged. When He searches for you, He will find you. When He finds you, He will call you by name, when He calls you by name and association, He will give you direct instructions and when He gives you direct instructions, it will be your turn to lean into the trust factor, have faith and obediently do what He asks you to do. During this entire process of discovering how you can walk in and work with God’s timing, there are subtle characteristics too - patience, humility, sincerity of heart, gratitude. 

Hagar’s story has never been this exciting for me and I hope you have learned a few nuggets to begin applying in your life situations today.

Three Thoughts

  • God in time makes all things beautiful. The beginning of Hagar’s story was not her ending. Even in the situations she encountered, she paid attention to the voice calling her name. Through this voice, she listened, leaned in, and lived a meaningful life of humility and obedience. God kept His promises to her and made her offspring numerous to count.

  • When the timing doesn’t seem right or perfect, be still and wait. Waiting is hard when you think you know how your life ought to be or turn out. When you have waited for a while or a long time, you may be tempted to simply take matters into your own hands… Hagar fled from her situation, despite this decision, God still used her to fulfill his ultimate plan. If you find yourself being desperate, the longer you wait… redirect that desperation toward prayer, meditation, helping someone in need, fasting, or simply being patient with yourself and God, He will find you, call you, and give you the instructions.

  • While you wait, maybe you must be in preparation for when He gives you the instructions. When God gave Hagar the instructions, Hagar had practiced stillness and gained an awareness of self. Maybe in your waiting, God wants you to heal some things, change some things, forgive some things or people… waiting is not futile. There is always something required of you in the waiting, and if you want to wait well, start from within. 

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