The Truth About Ozone with Dr. Robert Rowen

Season 1 | Episode 64
53m | Feb 15, 2024

Why is ozone therapy popular and controversial? What’s are differences among different methods of administration? What about Direct IV ozone injections (DIV method), which is considered a big “no-no” by many ozone doctors? How does ozone therapy work and why is it so powerful? Why is ozone therapy not approved by the FDA and not supported by the mainstream medical community?

What happened in Sierra Leone when Dr. Rowen and Dr. Robins went there to provide ozone treatments to Ebola patients in 2014? What is oxidation medicine?

Ozone therapy pioneer and educator Dr. Robert Rowen provides tremendous insights while answering these questions.

Robert Jay Rowen, M.D., is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, acquiring double board certifications (and recertifications) in Family Practice, and Emergency Medicine, and additionally in Clinical Metal Toxicology. Dr. Rowen is affectionately known as “The Father of Medical Freedom” for pioneering the nation’s first statutory protection for alternative medicine in 1990.

Two years later, Alaska’s governor Hickel appointed him to a term on the Alaska State Medical Board and the appointment survived a legislative battle sponsored by organized medicine due to overwhelming public support. He is internationally known for his clinical practice and teaching in oxidation medicine. He was the Oxidation Workshop chairman for ACAM, and teaches oxidation to interested professionals in hands-on sessions quarterly in his office. He was editor-in-chief of the highly respected Second Opinion Newsletter from 2000 until August 2014.

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