How to Increase Your Protein Absorption Easily With BiOptimizers Supplements | Matt Gallant

1h 9m | Apr 30, 2024

You are eating a lot of protein because you heard it is important to have adequate protein intake, especially if you’re trying to grow muscle; but is your body really digesting that protein?

More often than not, our bodies are not digesting all the protein we eat, and believe it or not, that undigested protein can be actually dangerous.

How do we solve this issue?

This is exactly what I discuss with my guest on the podcast this week, Matt Gallant.

Matt is a serial entrepreneur (who’s built over 14 profitable companies) and a kinesiologist with a degree in Science Of Physical Activity and the CEO/Co-Founder of BiOptimizers. 

He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro athletes as well as a self-defense instructor. Matt has also over 18 years of experience formulating supplements. He’s been successfully following a mostly ketogenic diet for over 30 years. 

In this episode, I sit down with Matt to discuss the supplements his company BiOptimizers developed, his origins in bodybuilding, the roles of enzymes in breaking down proteins into amino acids, and more.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Matt Gallant (00:51)

Matt’s first product (04:14)

The best digestive enzymes for protein digestion (10:09)

How digestive enzymes work (14:52)

The problem with seed oils (19:52)

Let’s talk probiotics (30:37)

A product for blood sugar (44:43)

What are Cognibiotics? (51:55)

Matt’s thoughts on LMNT (57:31)

A coupon code for you (01:02:51)

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