Myths, Risks & Benefits of Hormone Replacement with Mike Brookins

Season 1 | Episode 69
56m | Mar 29, 2024

Have you been wondering if you need hormone replacement for yourself or your loved ones? As a man, do you think you may need testosterone replacement? As a woman, have you wondered if hormone imbalance might be the culprit of your various mood or physical symptoms?

There is no question that hormones play a powerful role in our energy level, mood, motivation, and the health of many of organ systems. Yet the field of hormone replacement is full of confusions, myths and misconceptions.

Mike Brookins, an expert at optimizing hormones for men and women, who has trained many physicians throughout the U.S., shares his knowledge and wisdom with us. Mike is the owner of the Age Management Institute, a MSO for Eternity Health Partners which are Longevity, Hormone Replacement, and Regenerative Medicine practices. His medical background is in Nuclear Medicine specializing in Interventional Endocrinology. Mike brings more than just a medical perspective to his field; at a young age he began a career as a competitive athlete that would end up taking him on an incredible journey over the next 13 years of his life. Throughout his athletic journey, he was constantly working to find the ideal balance of fitness, proper nutrition, and hormone optimization in order to maximize his performance. Utilizing his background combined with his medical knowledge, Mike provides a unique, comprehensive, and successful combination that serves to benefit his staff and those around him.

In this episode, we talk in depth about some of the prevailing myths, risks, and benefits of hormone replacement, as well as the many forms available on the market, including creams, injectables, pellets, and oral capsules. Mike has analyzed previous published studies, and addresses many concerns people have regarding hormone replacement: Does it increase cancer risk? Does it shut down our own hormone production? Is there any contraindications?

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