Stem Cell Therapy: How It Works, Most Effective Practices, and the Truth About Anti-Aging Benefits

1h 41m | Apr 17, 2024

Many people dream of finding a way to stay young forever. Could stem cells provide the answer?

Aging is an early warning sign of disease. If you imagine your body as a house, it’s like a smell of smoke or a spark in the electrical wiring that appears before the house catches fire. These issues often go unnoticed until it's too late.

It often happens in Western medicine because it’s typically reactive, focusing on sophisticated diagnostics and treatments when the disease is already there. But what if we could catch these signs early before they turn into serious health issues?

This is the core of anti-aging medicine.

To achieve that, we need a holistic approach, and that's exactly what I'm talking about in this extensive interview, hosted by my dear friend (and patient!) Luke Storey.

Tune in as I unpack the incredible capabilities of stem cells, share how stem cell therapy works, and explain the transformative effects of ketamine and vibration therapies.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Holistic approach in anti-aging medicine (01:27)
  • How are umbilical stem cells collected? (07:31)
  • Microchimerism and stem cell “intelligence” (15:05)
  • Umbilical vs. other stem cell methods (31:09)
  • Anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating, and regenerative benefits (37:43)
  • How stem cells prevent cell death and improve mitochondrial function (49:59)
  • Visible anti-aging benefits of stem cell therapy (59:45)
  • Ketamine therapy - impact on depression, addiction, and mental well-being (01:09:29)
  • Ketamine, vibration, and light therapy for pain and trauma healing (01:25:21)
  • 3 teachers/teachings that have influenced my life and work (01:33:31)

Additional Resources:

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- UPLYFT Longevity Center (former Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine): 

- UPLYFT phone: (818) 356-8232 


Dr. Joy Kong is a regenerative medicine and anti-aging expert. Her podcast is part of her mission to reduce suffering and elevate happiness. Join us every week for the latest holistic health insights that will help you live a long and pain-free life.

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