Why Hydrogen Water? with Alex Tarnava

Season 1 | Episode 61
49m | Jan 25, 2024

Hear directly from the scientist who developed the hydrogen tablets on everything you want to know about molecular hydrogen and hydrogen water!

Alex Tarnava is the scientist who invented the hydrogen tablets, which has gone through over 3,000 iterations to reach its final version. He also investigates the use of his patented hydrogen tablets as a delivery system for approved pharmaceuticals.

So far, this approach has demonstrated synergy across multiple preclinical trials, with several more in the planning stage. Alex is also spearheading numerous other projects, and developed the TRUE|LONGEVITY and TRUE|PERFORMANCE line of supplements along with multiple other experts, from PhD's and MD's to an expert Dietician. These lines of supplements were developed in the spirit of evidence and quality; every ingredient had to be validated scientifically, and dosed appropriately. Moreover, the combination of ingredients had to make sense, from a complementary or even synergistic outlook

In this episode, Alex will give you the history of hydrogen molecules as a therapeutic agent, which was discovered by Japanese scientists in 2007. Since then, over 2000 scientific papers have been published studying the benefits of hydrogen water. Alex will tell you the story of how he developed hydrogen tablets even though he had spent $4,000 buying a hydrogen water machine prior.

Hydrogen water has been shown to improve both the function and number of mitochondria, increase our body’s antioxidant activity, repair liver, enhance exercise benefits, fights cancer, regulates cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, help with weight loss, reduce fatigue and improve energy level, protect neurons, decrease pain and improve muscle gain & fitness.

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