Erchonia Laser Light Therapy with Dr. Trevor Berry

Season 1 | Episode 66
1h 6m | Mar 5, 2024

Do you know the difference between FDA-approved laser light therapy and the red light you are getting from an LED device? What can different colored lights do? How can light enhance our health?

Dr. Trevor Berry is a Board Certified Diplomate of Neurology through ACNB. He is the founder of Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center and has been in practice since 1997 in Chandler, AZ.As an international speaker since 2010, he lectures on nutrition and functional medicine, laboratory testing, neurological diagnostic testing, functional neurology and low level laser therapy. Dr. Berry co-founded BTB Health Systems and was hired as the Chief Clinical Officer for Applied Functional Neurology (AFN) in 2022.He is a published researcher on low level laser therapy and has multiple projects in the field of integrative neurology for brain based conditions such as neuro- degeneration and traumatic brain injury.

In this episode, Dr. Berry explains how laser light therapy can make a huge difference on our health through reduced inflammation, increased antioxidant activity, repairing leaky gut or leaky brain, increasing telomere length and improved mitochondria function. He breaks down what different colored lights can do, what wavelengths and frequencies are best for, what type of FDA indications Erchonia machines have, etc.

Enjoy this enlightening episode on one of the exciting frontiers of medicine - energy medicine!

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