How Podcasters Can Help Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

In these difficult and uncertain times, listeners are turning to your podcast as a source of information or a source of comfort. Many people around the world are stuck at home and tuning into their favorite podcasts to get the latest coverage on the coronavirus crisis, or for a welcome distraction from the news.

Over the past few weeks, countless influencers and celebrities have used social media to find creative ways to entertain people and more importantly use their influence to encourage their audience to stay at home and do their part to slow the spread of Coronavirus. 

Share the #AloneTogether message with your listeners 

At RedCircle, we know that our creators want to do everything they can to help support their listeners and keep our communities safe during this unprecedented time. 

We’ve partnered with the Ad Council, a nonprofit organization responsible for producing, distributing and promoting public service announcements (PSAs), to help support the urgent response to Coronavirus. We hope you’ll join their #AloneTogether campaign by adding your own PSA in your podcast in the upcoming weeks and months.  

Your voice can make an enormous impact on efforts to slow the spread of Coronavirus by bringing awareness to the importance of social distancing and urging your listeners to take this seriously and stay at home if able, in addition to supporting mental health and wellness. 

Below are a few of the talking points from the Ad Council for you to highlight. Remember to keep the message positive and encouraging and say ‘Coronavirus’ instead of ‘COVID-19’ since it’s easier to understand.

  • Stay home if you can. It can save lives.
  • Staying home during the coronavirus outbreak saves lives. Why? Because people who don’t have any symptoms can still spread the virus without knowing it. 
  • Everyone – including young adults – is at risk for coronavirus. The best way to protect yourself is to stay home.
  • Staying home helps lower the risk for everyone, including your family members and those most at risk.
  • Stay a minimum of 6 feet – or two arms-length – away from others.
  • Avoid discretionary travel, shopping and social visits.
  • Avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants and food courts—use drive through or delivery options.
  • Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.
  • If you have symptoms of fever, dry cough and shortness of breath, call your health care provider before going to their office.

For a full list of talking points, scripts, social assets and other helpful  resources visit

If you don’t want to record your own PSA, you can also go directly to the Ad Council website to download a pre-recorded 15-30 second spot that is ready to go. 

Now is the perfect time to share what you’ve been up to while socially distancing. Give your listeners suggestions on how to stay busy and keep their spirits up while spending so much time at home, often by themselves. Our favorite advice of course, is staying home and listening to a podcast. 

The more you share the better! If you share your message on social media, be sure to use the official hashtag from the Ad Council, #AloneTogether. 

Use dynamic insertion to distribute your PSA message to listeners

To get this important message out quickly and easily, we suggest recording your own message or usinga pre-recorded PSA from the Ad Council  and using dynamic insertion to insert it into your most recent and upcoming episodes over the coming weeks. 

  1. Record your audio clip 
  2. Add the audio file to an audio block 
  3. Assign the audio block to insertion points throughout your upcoming and recent episodes. 

Get more information about using dynamic insertion here.

Thanks for your support and being a vital part of the RedCircle community. Now more than ever, we’re extra thankful for all the amazing podcasts on our platform that are a much-needed respite from the challenges of social distancing.