Distributing Your Podcast to YouTube? Why You Should Be & How RedCircle’s Integration Makes It Easy

Being where listeners live is fundamental to growing your podcast. It’s likely you are already distributing your podcast to all the usual suspects… Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc… Then there’s YouTube — which may not be as obvious, but is extremely relevant.  

When you think YouTube, video is usually the first thing to come to mind. Yet, as it has become people’s go-to source for all entertainment, more and more of its users are listening to content, not watching. Which has led to YouTube to becoming a dominant destination for podcast listening.

If you aren’t already distributing your podcast to YouTube, there are quite a few good reasons you should be. 

The benefits of distributing your podcast to YouTube

YouTube has always been an incredibly successful platform for creators to build and scale their audience. Now, podcasters have started to realize the potential of YouTube’s massive audience and recommendation algorithm to build new audiences. 

By distributing to YouTube, podcasters have the opportunity to gain listeners they would miss out on with traditional podcasting apps. In fact, many first-time podcast listeners are discovering podcasts on YouTube and Facebook Live.

Tapping into an audience size that’s far larger in comparison to any podcasting apps isn’t the only benefit for podcasters. YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is also a powerful tool for discovery. Because YouTube automatically recommends content based on subjects you’re  interested in, podcasters can reach listeners that may have never been exposed to their content on other channels. 

There’s also the benefit of being able to create additional ad revenue with YouTube. Depending on the size of your library and the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel, podcasters could bring in significant monthly revenue just from YouTube. This is especially lucrative for influencers starting a podcast that already have built a sizable following on YouTube. 

Today’s audiences want to have a personal connection to the creators and the content they consume. Unlike podcasting apps, YouTube is also a great platform for building community and being a part of a conversation that deepens your relationship with listeners and provides you with valuable feedback on your content.  

RedCircle’s YouTube integration 

The best news is distributing your podcast to YouTube doesn’t require any additional work. If your podcast is large enough, RedCircle will automatically convert your audio file to video and distribute it to your YouTube channel! 

Publish your podcast to YouTube with RedCircle.

Once you sign into your YouTube account on RedCircle, whenever you publish an episode you can check the box to convert your podcast file into a video file and publish it on your YouTube Channel with your show’s cover art and a dynamic soundwave. This feature, like the rest of the platform is completely free to use.  If your show is smaller (but growing!), RedCircle will still generate a video file for you; all you have to do is login to YouTube and upload it in!

It’s up to you how you choose to publish your show on YouTube. You can publish full episodes so that people can listen directly on the platform. Or, consider creating short shareable clips to draw listeners in and drive them to listen on other platforms. 

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