Ep. 108 Jules Wyman "I'm Ready To Evolve"

30m | Mar 3, 2023

Jules helps individuals and groups have conscious conversations to transform their lives. Jules' journey is remarkable, having overcome her struggles to find her way to success. In this episode, Jules shares her personal experiences and insights on creating positive change in your life through conscious conversations. From her early days as a performer, where she dazzled audiences with her jazz hands, to consulting with businesses at the highest level, hear the one promise Jules made to herself as a kid that guided her entire successful career. 

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The 3PGC’s podcast called “We’re Listening. A Community Where All Voices Are Heard” hosted by Rob Cook. 

Three Principles Global Community is a collection of practitioners, coaches, and community leaders from all over the globe who point clients toward their own innate health and wisdom. No matter the circumstances, the goal is to see that you already possess the power to transform your life. 

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