Special Episode Lisa & Bill Giruzzi "A Life Worth Living" Part 2

46m | Aug 25, 2023

Join me in this heartwarming and inspiring part two episode of "A Life Worth Living" with Bill and Lisa. 

This is the story of a couple whose love and resilience proved to be an unbreakable bond during their most challenging times. In this emotional conversation, Lisa opens up about her husband Bill's journey through a brain bleed, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide, and how their love carried them through to a place of profound healing.

Lisa's unwavering support and the strength of their connection became the lifeline that guided them through the darkest moments. Through tears and triumphs, they found a path toward healing, proving that love can be powerful despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Tune in to ad free episode to hear how Bill and Lisa's story of love, resilience, and the power of human connection is a testament to the strength within each of us. 

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