Ep. 122 Lyn & Teresa "Revolutionizng Nurses Worldwide"

40m | Aug 18, 2023

Lyn and Teresa, both seasoned and compassionate nurses, draw from their own experiences and those of fellow nurses and share touching stories, practical insights, and expert advice about the challenges and triumphs of the nursing profession. With their deep understanding of the demanding nature of nursing, both have dedicated their lives to the noble cause of supporting and uplifting their fellow nurses. Through their organization, they've created a global network of care and support, providing a safe space for nurses to connect, share, and find solace amid their demanding roles.

The 3PGC’s podcast called “We’re Listening. A Community Where All Voices Are Heard” is hosted by Rob Cook. 

Three Principles Global Community is a collection of practitioners, coaches, and community leaders from all over the globe who point clients toward their innate health and wisdom. No matter the circumstances, the goal is to see that you already possess the power to transform your life. 

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