Ep. 119 Chris "Inkgang" Cook "Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

38m | Jun 4, 2023

In this special episode, Rob sits down with his younger brother Chris “Inkgang” Cook, navigating the challenging landscape of their upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama.

Growing up in Birmingham wasn't easy, and Chris opens up about the hardships he faced during his formative years. Rob, being the protective older brother, did everything in his power to shield Chris from the harsh realities of life. Together, they explore the complexities of brotherhood, their struggles, and the unique bond that formed as a result. But the conversation doesn't stop there. Chris courageously shares his personal journey through some of the darkest moments of his life, including the unimaginable loss of his son, Fat Daddy. 

Ink reveals his path to healing and rediscovering his strength. Together, they discuss his steps toward emotional and physical health, offering listeners a roadmap for resilience and personal transformation.

Get ready to be inspired and uplifted as they share their stories and remind us all that we can overcome even the most challenging circumstances.

The 3PGC’s podcast called “We’re Listening. A Community Where All Voices Are Heard” hosted by Rob Cook. 

Three Principles Global Community is a collection of practitioners, coaches, and community leaders from all over the globe who point clients toward their own innate health and wisdom. No matter the circumstances, the goal is to see that you already possess the power to transform your life. 

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